Painful truth about Ferguson, MO

There is one more painful lesson coming out of Ferguson.  It is the great racial divide.  Events like this separate people with white skin from people with black skin.  Groups that normally work together and have cordial relationships are not talking to each other this week.  And when they do talk to each other, they don’t mention this event.  It is the great national silent treatment.

We (whites) can’t understand their point of view and they (blacks) can’t understand ours.  My guess is that Asians and Hispanics get to sit this one out.

I know some black people and we can normally talk about all sorts of things (this being an integrated Army).  In most ways, they are just like me.  Two parent family, middle class, working stiffs.  They care about their kids and take them to church (black church). But when it comes right down to it, no matter how conservative they are, they still voted for Obama… twice. They still take the side of the black kid who was shot and not the side of the police officer who acted in self defense.  So, we have nothing to talk about.  If a race war comes, I know with certainty that I cannot count on them to help defend civilization against barbarity.

Obviously, there are some exceptions.  95% voting for Obama means 5% did not.

Here, the Washington Redskins (racist anti-native American bastards) are being supportive of the black guy.  A guy who has no connection to them other than the color of his skin.  They are taking sides with the criminal instead of with the police officer who defended himself against a potentially fatal beating by a 300 pound violent sociopath.  Same shit as Trayvon Martin.  Stupid people using this as a poster boy for how America is raciss and hates black people.  And not a word about how black people hate each other even more.  6 black people killed in Chicago this weekend.  The Attorney General is not going there to take charge of the situation.  The President of the USA is not saying, “if I had a son…”.  

The race activists are continuing to beat the narrative that brings in their paychecks and gives their lives meaning, since they produce nothing.  The sheep continue to mass in the streets because mass protests ALWAYS work.  “Bringing Attention” to your cause ALWAYS works… even when you don’t really have a cause.   And the mass bulk of the criminal classes are standing by to collect free stuff from other people’s stores while the police are paralyzed into inactivity for fear that a news camera will show they going all  Rodney King on some poor unarmed black child (a 300 pound 18 year old child who threw a brick at a police officer and smashed his face).

So, if you invest any of your own money in a neighborhood with over 25% black population, you are a damned fool.  I hope you are charging your customers a high enough gouge to cover your inevitable losses.

For the record, this saddens me greatly.  I seek peace and understanding between all men.  My beef with the Moslems is a direct result of their total absolute unwillingness to let others live in peace.  More and more I see the black community is America behaving the same way.  I already know that there is nothing I can say or do that will convince any of the black people who are on this train to get off it and go on with their lives.  I can foresee that this will increase the possibility of bringing them into conflict with me some day.  I am ready for that day.  And it will be a day of great sadness for me.   It doesn’t have to happen.  If black people don’t condemn black crime, they force white people to do it.  If black people choose to stand with criminals against civilized behavior, then they will all be lost together.

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Lessons from Ferguson, MO

1.  The police are not there to protect you.  If protecting you means higher risk to officers, you are on your own.  Are you prepared to be “on your own”?  Or are you one of the hundred million Americans that expects someone else to be there for you?  It is time for you to re-examine your faith in other people.

2.  First reports in major news media events are always wrong.  Always.

3.  People who buy into the early narrative are incapable of changing their story or their allegiance to the narrative.  The best they can hope for is for another event to come along to be outraged about.

4.  For large communities in America, any excuse to steal other people’s stuff is a good excuse.  Where might they have gotten the idea that such behavior was acceptable?

5.  Every criminal thug had a mother who loved him.  Didn’t love him enough to beat the criminal out of him, but loved him enough to not want him to ever have to pay for his misbehavior.

6.  Police don’t shoot bad guys for shoplifting.  Police shoot bad guys in self defense… just like the rest of us.  If a 300 pound feral youth charges at me, I don’t care that he is “unarmed”.  He is a lethal threat to me and I feel fully justified in “making him stop doing that”.   As a student of history, I know that it might take more than one shot to make him stop doing that shit.  It might take 6.  I might even be half way into a magazine change before I notice him stopping.  That doesn’t mean I used excessive force.  “Making him stop”, however much that takes, is “just the right amount of force”.

7.  Evidently, Autopsies are more art than science and you can just keep cutting up the same body multiple times and get different answers each time.  At some point, the coroner is going to conclude the cause of death was multiple stab wounds using a very small sharp knife, resulting in removal of the internal organs as if by a surgeon… oh, and there are some bullet holes too.

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… a million heads exploding all at once

I noticed this sign recently.


At NRA HQ. The nation’s top gun safety advocate and most influential voice on the subject of guns has declared that there are three rules, not four.

A poster next to this one has the three rules on top and another 8 rules listed as supporting rules and a highlighted box that says “treat all guns as if they are loaded”. But not elevated to “RULE” status.

I will consider this the last word on the subject and all previous opinions on the matter will change to reflect the new “right answer”.

And since I like to keep my guns always ready to use, mine should always be loaded.

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Southern Comfort WTW

Just saw the new southern comfort commercial.


Is Southern Comfort really running a national ad campaign aimed at that insignificant minority of cross dressing black men?  And they dont think that will cost them more sales than it gains?

“Southern Comfort. The choice of trannies. Can I get you one?”

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Arts and crafts: Paradise Illumination

Since I have the 2001 Honda Accord this weekend I am taking the opportunity to do some more minor fixes.

I polished the headlight lenses.  Eliminating years of oxidation. 

And I noticed most of the dashboard lights are non functioning.  All the warning lights are good.  Just the instrument cluster lights are out. Og will tell you that Ford light bulbs last forever, so take that into account on your next purchase.


This is an easy fix.  First lower the steering wheel to its lowest position.  Then remove the two screws holding on the trim ring.


Then the black trim ring should pull straight away from the instrument panel.  There are two metal clips holding on the bottom.  It you tilt the trim ring forward those will likely snap off.


Then remove the four screws holding on the instrument cluster.


Gently pry up the bottom of the cluster and the whole thing should come loose.  Tilt it forward and unplug the three electrical plugs and you should be able to easily wiggle the whole thing out.



Then on the back you can easily see all the bulbs. Twist them 1/4 turn to remove and replace. If you cant tell which ones are bad you can do an easy continuity test with your multi-meter.  Bad bulbs have zero continuity.

Assembly is easy reverse order..  The whole job doesn’t last long enough to open a beer.

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Bill Whittle on Suicide

I saw this over at EBL.  You don’t need to watch the whole thing, I only watched a few seconds of it.

“the world has lost an irreplaceable human being” — Bill Whittle

“The cemeteries are full of indispensable men” — Charles DeGaule.


Everyone is replaceable.  There are over 300 million people in America and more coming here every day.  Everyone can be replaced, likely within 24 hours of the need being identified.  There is no shortage of standup comedians in America.  Williams can even easily be replaced in his intimate relationships, as evidenced by how easily he was previously replaced.

To the extent that suicide is a problem, it is a personal and a family problem.  It is not a national or community problem.  It seldom touches large groups of people.  And the number of suicides in America is too few to warrant any national policy or program to bother trying to curb it.  If anything, the trend will be to permit more of it, especially for humanitarian reasons.  If assisted suicide is a viable choice for elderly people with debilitating illnesses like cancer, why isn’t it equally valid for 63 year old men with depression? 

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Militarized Police

Yes, there is a lot of that going around. No, it isn’t a bad thing. Focus. Let’s dissect:

1. Former Military vehicles:
This is an MRAP. It’s primary characteristic is heavy armored sides and bullet proof glass. What is wrong with that? It also has very large doors so guys in body armor can get in and out of it without hanging up on the door frames.  What basis can you possibly have to object to that?  The US military is giving them away to state and local government FOR FREE.  They are gas guzzlers and the spare parts are going to be hard to get in only a few years.  I can foresee plenty of police serving and protecting where such a vehicle can play an important role. 

2.  Uniforms. 

Cops have always had uniforms.  It helps the citizens know who the cops are and who the robbers are.  Traditionally in the USA, Police uniforms are solid blue or solid light brown.  Uniforms serve a vital and important function.  police who wear camouflage uniforms are missing the whole point about both what the word “Uniform” and “Camouflage” means.  If you are part of a city police force, even on the SWAT team, dressing up like you need to hide in tall grass is counterproductive and makes you look like a dork.  It also make you look like NOT POLICE, and thus distinctly NON-UNIFORM.  Police uniforms make the difference for a man in the middle of the night having his house raided by police, with whom he has a duty to cooperate…

Racine Police New Uniforms

… An Armed bowling team, which is just damned confusing…

… or an armed body of NINJA/Assassins, who he has a duty to slaughter.

3.  Military Weapons.

I don’t have a problem with this.  Weapons are weapons.  If the police have them, I get to have them too.  Police ARE civilians.  Their claims to be otherwise are not relevant.  The fact that they get some weapons by military surplus instead of buying them brand new just shows they managing their budgets wisely.  Automatic weapons?  No problem.  There are lots of cases where that might come in handy.  M-16/M-4?  No problem, the AR platform is the standard patrol rifle of America.  There is no reason why the police shouldn’t have them too.


These are actually very useful and every state should have a FEW.  There is no reason why every city, town, county, and university police department needs to have their own.  That is just wasting money on a lark.  The danger of that is that once they have them, they start looking for reasons to use them.  That is how dogs get shot.  That is how officers get killed in the dark when homeowners see them coming over the back yard fence dressed like a commando.

5.  Rank.

There is absolutely no reason why local police needs to wear military style rank.  Sunshine, you may think you are a 4-Star general but all the real military generals are still not going to let you in their club. 


What’s really important is not the militarization of police.  most of that is nothing more than military penis envy and bureaucratic growth.  The real problems with police that we as a free society need to worry about and act on are:

a.  Us versus Them.  Police at every level need to understand that they are us.  They are not morally superior, smarter, or better looking. 

b.  Code of silence.  Police who cover for other police are accomplices and need to be prosecuted.

c.  Imprimatur of trust.  In a court, their word versus ours should be a TIE, not a win for them.  Courts, judges and juries need to enforce that vigorously.

d.  Equal protection under the law.  Police need to have exactly the same right to self defense as the rest of us, AND NOT ONE DROP MORE.  My life is every bit as valuable to me as theirs is to them. 

e.  The Blind Eye of the law when it suits them.  With all these militarized police all over the country, why is there still an MS-13?  Seriously.  Why are they allowed to even exist?  We have plenty of police forces that can be mobilized for short periods and gain overwhelming numerical superiority.  Round those assholes up and put them away (or put them down).  The same for all the other criminal gangs and immigrant gangs.   The same for all the “bad neighborhoods.  Those Swat teams should be doing mounted patrols in the bad neighborhoods all over the country instead of 2AM raids to serve search warrants.

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