The problem with US Foreign Policy

We don’t have one.

What we do have is a nebulous statement of intentions, written by committees of people with Harvard and Yale political science degrees.  It is full of gobble-de-gook about “American Values” and growing threats but has nothing about what we will or won’t do internationally.  And that is fine since our current SEC STATE doesn’t need a “policy” to tell him which cocktail parties to attend or which ambassadors to shake hands with first.  He is, after all, John F-ing Kerry, International man of Mystery.  And our president can take another Asian vacation visiting multiple foreign countries to “re-assure our allies” but not actually having an agenda of accomplishing anything other than just “voting present”.

What exactly is it we will be “assuring our allies”?  That we will send a couple of our military aircraft to help them search for any future missing passenger jets?  All our allies can handle that on their own, thank you.  That we will help them in the global war on terrorism?  Fat chance.  That we have large bags of money to give away to the right people in the right places who are doing the right things?

If I had my way, American foreign policy would be guided by a single principle:  What is good for the USA, and specifically, what is good for American citizens.

Again, fat chance of that happening.  The bloated DC bureaucracy has grown fat with cold war agencies to bring third world countries into our sphere of influence instead of into communism.  That war ended long ago, but the agencies believe that the US taxpayers have a moral obligation to keep feeding Africans, teaching Afghani girls to read, build roads in Honduras, and vaccinate sheep in Mongolia.

Oh… AND WE ARE BROKE.  So stop spending our money on foreign travel as if it is in any way useful to us.

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Something you don’t see every day

20140423_073518Yes, that is a wire stripper with a handle fully implanted into my tire.

Bad:  I think that hole is too big to patch.  Definitely too big for a plug.

Good:  A new free wire stripper.

Damn.  There was a lot of life left on that tire too.  A patch might hold it until the next time I get a new set.  I hate buying single tires.  It totally messes up the rotation plan.

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Brady Shooter Back on the streets

The Brady Campaign, which started as a result of a gunman shooting at President Ronald Reagan, has been on an unrelenting crusade against private gun ownership for decades.  Now the man who ACTUALLY SHOT James Brady is back on the streets.

Here is what the Brady campaign has to say about Hinckley being on the lose:  **Chirp Chirp**

They have comments on Bloomberg, Kansas and Ft Hood, but not one word about the person who changed their lives and created the event that started their organization.

When it comes to gun control, the left is all about controlling those who are sane.  Those who have already proven that they can never be released into society because they are a constant danger to everyone around them are not a problem that needs public policy solutions.

Reported he has found love with fellow patient

Oh good.  The world should not be deprived of the genetic offspring of Hinckley and another criminal mental patient.


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News Flash: Robots are taking over

News from 1960′s when robotics in manufacturing first became “Normal”.

Rise of the robots: Humans will compete with droids for jobs by 2040, study claims

Why is the Mail putting the apocalypse off until 2040?  This is already true.  The simpler your job is, the more likely you can be replaced by a robot, really soon.

By 2040, cabs will be driven by Google robots…

Looks like a good thing to me.  I much prefer a Google robot driver to another Moslem having an excuse to be on the same continent as me.

…shops will become showrooms for online outlets and call centres will be staffed by intelligent droids.

Those are already true.

That’s the scenario depicted in recent research which suggests robots could be taking over our lives and jobs in less than 30 years.

That’s not “research”.  That is creative writing.  it is a bunch of guys sitting around the table coming up with something to write about before their deadline because they need a grade or a paycheck.

Futurologists, commissioned by global job search website, say workers will have less job security and will work more unsociable hours.

Futurologists?  How exactly does one become a “Futurologist?  You can get paid for wild-assed guessing about the future now?  You used to have to claim mystical powers to get that gig.

However, the study added that workers may be left with poor eyesight, smaller sexual organs, and constantly-furrowed brows as they struggle to keep up to life in the 21st century.

WTW?  Seriously?  Who writes this shit?  Doesn’t human evolution demand LARGER sex organs since those people will be more successful in spreading their legs genes?

And it means people will be so busy working, we will only find time for sex twice a month – down from the current five.

So…. As a result of being replaced by robots, people will have to work longer hours?  **head scratching noises**.  Twice a month?  Sounds like an improvement to typical married life.

There is plenty more where this came from.  Hopefully the robots who wrote this article for the Mail will be smarter by 2040 and able to do a better job writing believable fiction.

UPDATE:  Then there is this.  More jobs lost to robots.


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Fixing the Constitution

There are a few ideas going around the popular culture about how to fix our dying system.  Some good ideas and some not-so-good ideas.  One of the ideas that keeps coming around is that we can restart the Constitution by amending it in a new constitutional convention or a convention of the states.

I am against this idea.  It is bad enough that we already have a government that refuses to be confined by the constitution we have.  I can only imagine the unholy hell they could release onto us if they did not even have that minimal formality of restriction.  If a new convention were called to amend the Constitution, who do you think will be sent as delegates?  Who will be the principle authors?  Will it Be Thomas Jefferson, George Mason, and Benjamin Franklin?  Not likely.  It is far more likely it will be Saul Alinsky, Bill Ayers, and Valery Jerret.

Instead of a clearly written compact between the people and their government, we will get a “new situation” and a “new Understanding” under which we can all maximize our potential.  Our new rights will include health care and housing and some collective sort of “self defense” provided by the state.  There will be no individual right to bear arms.

There is nothing wrong with our current Constitution that could not be cured by ENFORCING IT.

If you fear that elections cannot possibly win the day in future elections, then how can a new constitutional convention fail to represent those same electoral margins that you already cannot win?  The majority that you despise today will certainly dominate any attempts at amending the Constitution tomorrow.  The insiders in the ruling class and the long term establishment party people will dominate the process as they always have and you will lose even faster than our current system is crushing you.

BUT… If I were hired to rewrite the Constitution to improve things that I think are wrong…

1.  Eliminate the Senate.  Reason:  Since they are no longer appointed by the states they are nothing more than a redundant house of representatives.  They are a body of 100 empowered princes and princesses with no real responsibilities.  Send them home.  Redistribute their powers to the House, henceforth called the General Assembly.

2.  Define citizenship and residency.  Only citizens may vote.  Citizens will be all current citizens and their children and those who are naturalized.  You cannot be a citizen just by being born here if your parents are citizens of some other country.  Reason:  This ends the anchor baby problem.  It is the easiest way to cure the illegal immigration problem since even getting here will never grant permanence to the alien, even if they have kids here.

3.  All voting will be in person, by people presenting picture ID.  All voting will be a matter of public record, open to inspection, easily audit-able.  Reason:  The People are restrained from rebellion, not because the vote always goes their way, but because they believe the vote is fair.  For the Nation to endure, the vast majority of American citizens must believe that their vote is fair and will not be diluted by the foreigner, the mentally defective, or the fraudulent manufacture of votes.

4.  The General Assembly will meet and conduct their business on-line.  Their public offices in D.C. will be gutted and used for some other purpose.  I suggest storage of records, or a dormitory for homeless people.  Reason:  With modern telecommunications there is no good reason to pay elected officials to travel ANYWHERE, or to maintain their offices in the National Capital.

5.  Any federal officeholder who is voted out of office, has his authority immediately suspended as soon as the election results are announced. Reason:  It is unconscionable to permit people to vote on legislation who are demonstrably NOT representing anyone (Obamacare).  Thus, a President who wants to pardon a key fundraiser, would have to do it BEFORE the election and have his actions still subject to the voter’s anger.

6.  Rewrite the 2nd Amendment:  The individual right to keep and bear arms is essential to the governance a free society.  This government, the states, and subvisions of the states and territories shall not have the power to restrict the sale, manufacture, distribution, or ownership of arms or ammunition by any citizen residing in the USA.  This right may only be restricted by a competent court as a result of mental incapacity or criminal incarceration.  Reason:  I know that things are going our way on this issue now, but I remember not too long ago that they were not.

7.    Require that the Census will be abandoned.  Reason:  With our current technology, there is no reason why the Federal government does not already have the names and addresses of every living person in the USA today.  It is a simple matter of hit the “count” button to know how many there are from day to day.  Apportionment of representatives shall be limited to the number of citizens.  Reason:  California has at least ten representatives extra based on the number of Mexicans living in California.  Even though those representatives are elected by (nominally) citizens, their strength in the House is determined by those alien populations.  This undermines the strength of the legal citizen vote in every other state.   The number of representatives shall be calculated and posted every two years and limited to 500 total.  The territories shall have no representatives and no shadow representatives  (membership has its privileges).

8.  Representatives shall be elected from each state on an “at large” basis, not representing a geographical district. Reason:  This will eliminate gerrymandering and the harms that come from it.  It is immediately cure the election of mentally deficient people since there won’t be any specially drawn districts for them to claim.  This will also undermine establishment parties and create an environment where everyone is indeed represented by someone who is ideologically aligned with themselves.

9.  The Powers of the federal government shall be enumerated and the federal government shall be forbidden from exercising other powers unless new powers are added to the enumerated list by amendment.

10.  The Federal government shall be immune from punitive damage suits, but individuals within the government, be they elected or appointed, may be held personally liable for the harm their decision cause.  Reason:  The taxpayers should not be on the hook for harm that politicians and bureaucrats do.

11.  No federal funds may be used to sue the federal government or the government of any state.  Reason:  Prevents the professional suit-filer from making a living at the expense of the People.

12.  No member of the armed forces of the USA may be stationed outside the boundaries of the USA or its territories without the expressed permission of the General Assembly.

13.  The federal government may not borrow money for any purpose.  The budget shall be balanced every year and no money may be spent that is not accounted for in the annual budget.

14.  The Supreme Court is specifically forbidden from interpreting the Constitution.  Reason:  They are not granted this power under the constitution and giving them this power gives them the power to amend their own powers without limit.  Justices shall be popularly elected every nine years, one per year, serving a single term of nine years.  They may not serve a second term.  Vacancies shall not be filled except by election.  If the membership falls below 7 serving members, the Supreme Court shall suspend functioning until the vacancies are filled.

15.  The federal government may not give money or anything of value to a foreign government.  They may not guarantee loans for other persons, groups, or governments.

16.  The Sergeant at Arms in the General Assembly shall be popularly elected.  His primary function shall be to monitor the on-line deliberations and when any representative proposes legislation that exceeds the authorities of the Federal Government, the SaA shall travel to that representative and kick him/her in the nuts/vagina.  He shall be immune from prosecution but may be removed by 2/3 vote of the Assembly.

Those are just some of my ideas.  I have more, but that is enough for now.  But do not be fooled.  Even if everything I propose were adopted it would all still fail in a short while.  There are no rules that may be adopted by men that cannot be subverted by other men, acting in their own interest.

Departments I would disband:

  • Homeland Security
  • NOAA
  • Health and Human Services
  • Veterans Affairs
  • NASA
  • Department of Education
  • Department of Energy
  • Commerce Department
  • EPA


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No “Mere” Hate Crime.

This feature tells us that an attack last week that killed three people was particularly bad because it was a “hate crime”.  And that the language of “hate crime” is being misused and thus minimizing it’s impact.

WTW guys!!  I mean REALLY!

Calling Miller’s acts hate crimes trivializes anti-Semitism, the evil that was Nazism and the monstrosity that was the Holocaust.

No, you Moron.  The term “hate Crime”, Anti-Semitism, and Naziism, trivialize the fact that three people WERE MURDERED.

The Monstrosity of the Holocaust was that it MURDERED 6 Millions of people, not that it did so for a political, ideological, or anti-semitic motive.  If it had been done to raise GDP of Germany or improve trade relations with Poland, it still would have been a monstrosity.

The bar has been set so low that refusing to bake a wedding cake for a same-sex couple is a hate crime in the eyes of many left-wingers. Miller’s acts hardly belong in the same category.

Ya THINK?  Murder of three people in a different category as refusing business from a gay person?  Maybe we should pass a law against it.

The attack “strikes at the core fundamental freedoms … of how our country was founded and what we live by every single day,” said FBI agent Michael Kaste.

SERIOUSLY?  What about the fundamental right to not be shot in the head?

“We’ve now determined that the motivation behind this was a hate crime. The acts that this person committed were the result of beliefs … that he had.”

Glad we got that sorted out.  Now we can prosecute this 73-year old ass-hat for MURDER, and then tack an extra 5 years or so onto the sentence to account for his hatefulness! and he can die in prison before he even finishes serving the same time behind bars he would have gotten for tax evasion.

This is just one of the many reasons why there should be no hate crimes laws.  This was a murder.  It was already illegal everywhere in the world.

Our President is not one to be outshined in ass-hattery had this to say:

“Nobody should have to worry about their security when gathering with their fellow believers. No one should ever have to fear for their safety when they go to pray.”

But I suppose it is fair game to get them at any other time?


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Shootout shows Skillz

This video:

Shows two men in  a shootout in a hotel hallway.  What I thought was interesting here and worth pointing out was the tactics being used.  Both men are constantly in motion.  Even the ambush position held by one man is not maintained for long before moving to a new position.

I have seen this before.   In team video games like Battlefield, Halo, and the older Castle Wolfenstein.

I attribute these tactics to the fact that both persons seem to have survived the attack.  And their moms probably gave them grief for all those “wasted hours” playing video games.

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