This Just In: Hillery not running

… Or doing much other exercise.  She isn’t that kind of girl.  Feminists don’t work out.  That might make them attractive to men.  Ewww.

Also, she isn’t running for president.  Despite her massive ego, she knows that America is not going to vote for her.  Obama has damaged the “independents” too much to count on them again. And the young full-of-themselves college guys are not going to vote for an old woman to do anything.

What she is going to do is pretend that she hasn’t made up her mind yet.  Once she announces that she is never going to be President, then she stops mattering.  All the invitations to fancy fundraisers and speaking gigs stops instantly.  She has nothing interesting to say.  The only reason anyone would hire her is to get in on the ground floor of her potential political power.

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Gun show live blogging

I’m at the gun show in Chantilly, Virginia right now.  My first observations are there are fewer people here this time.  Lots of available parking. 

I normally start on the left side but today I’m going to the right.  I’m NOT going to follow behind that fat guy and his four fat sons the whole show.

Update: I saw a SAW. Belt fed. Semi-auto. What a waste. Stupid american gun laws ruin everything.

Update: Loot. Gun tie tacks. I lose so many of these. Glad I found a resupply.

Update: something new. SkS, in bullpup configuration. $775. So. Not really an SKS any more. Just another overpriced crappy rifle.

Update: “Ultimate” reading glasses. Dude. It’s a gun show. Guy selling $1 candy bars in the isle. NOT A GUN.

Update: What’s the deal with those Kriss Vectors? They look like extra superfluous metal has been added just to make them heavier and clunkier. Isn’t the whole point of a pistol to be lighter and easier to carry than a rifle? This thing fails on so many levels.

Update: Something new. Ted Nugent brand ammo. Only in 9mm.

Note to self: Her eyes are up here.

Update: Help us stop the U.N. Um… No. They aren’t really doing anything to “stop the UN. They are just taking money from the foolish gun owners. And putting your information into data bases that will be sold to Republican politicians and other scams that prey on people who didn’t pay attention in their High school civics classes. CLUE: the USA does not run on petitions.

Update: CZ750 “Sniper rifle”. Includes the test fire targets that show 1-2 MOA. “Sniper rifle” indeed.

Update: A new hope. A vender here is showing an AR based rifle he guarantees will shoot sub .5 MOA. Chambered in 6.5 Creedmore. That tells me that a bolt rifle is not the only option for long range shooting.

Well. That’s the show.

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Changing my ways

Commenter Brehan ripped me a new one for my narrow-minded opinions on military service.

You, sir, are an idiot. Clearly, you know very little about military life and the sacrifices these men and women make. Our military personnel receive less pay than their civilian counterparts, spend time away from families for months on end, and often live in rundown housing.

These military cuts will cut hard into military services, the very services that are essential to keeping our soldiers as safe and healthy as possible. Services in medical care, equipment upgrades, and training are all slated to be part of this overhaul.

Somewhere in you feeble little mind, you got the impression that people care about your senseless diatribe. How dare you sit in an ivory tower accomplishing little and take barbs. Walk a mile in our soldiers’ shoes and then maybe people will care about the tripe you are spewing.

There is no denying it.  He has me dead to rights.  There is nothing for it other than to give up my cushy life in the ivory tower and head down to the Army recruiter’s office.

Brehan suggested I walk a mile in their shoes so I am hoping one enlistment will be enough.

Oh, but also, he didn’t actually address anything I wrote about, so, let’s just call this one a draw.

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Arab-Israeli solutions enumerated.

This is not an intractable problem as most people like to think.  The answer does not need to include the annihilation of one or both parties.  Here are just a few solutions that don’t include nuking from orbit (just to be sure).

1.  Leveraged buy out.  Either the Israelis buy all the remaining land from the Gaza and West Bank, as well as that in the hands of Israeli Arabs, at generous rates, or the Arabs in Oil Rich countries all chip in to buy the Jews out.  Then those cash-rich Palestinians  resettle to Islamic country of their choice or the Israelis resettle to the USA (or any other non-Islamic state who will have them).  The re-settlers may only take with them their money, records, and intellectual capital (a very small package for the Palestinians).  All the infrastructure, buildings, furniture, monuments, works of art etc will be included in the cost of the buy out and become property of the new owners.

2.  Creation of a new Israeli Homeland… in the Western USA.  On some of that government land.  Just like an Indian reservation.  It would be autonomous and still get all the foreign aid we send Israel.  And their Army units could fight along side ours when asked, since they would have no need for self-defense.  Wherever we put them, they would turn it into a garden.

3.  Sterilize the Palestinian population in Gaza and the West Bank.  Do it secretly.  Something in the water or administered through a UN public health program.  The terrorist women stop having terrorist babies.  In about 20 years the problem is solved.  Note, this is not genocide since there will be plenty of other Arabs around the world.  Heck, there will even be plenty of Palestinians since over half of them have resettled in other countries.


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Damned Immigrants.


Whenever I hear people talk about hunger in America I think of these.  If you were really hungry you could whack a few of these with a club and eat for weeks.

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Taming of the Screw.

The discussion of the various types of screws that might possibly be holding my car together caused me to take this picture.


No dimples.  Just a simple #2 Phillips.

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Arts and crafts: upholstery

Every once in a while, there is a spill in your car.  Usually a damp sponge takes care of it. Sometimes a carpet shampoo is all you need.  But sometimes a passenger becomes violently sick and sprays the passenger seat with partially digested breakfast.  And lunch.  And that iced coffee she had.

At such times, that sponge isn’t going to be enough.  You are going to have to do some major disassembly of your car interior and do it right now.  This is not a job that can wait while you go to work and leave your car parked in the Virginia Summer Sun for 12 hours.

So.  Fortunately, the engineering the Toyota people used to make the car easy to assemble makes it easy for you to take it apart… mostly.

1.  Your seat is held in my four large bolts.  Those are each covered by a plastic cover.  The covers are snapped in place.  Easy to unsnap. No tricks.  Remove the bolts using any old end wrench or socket wrench.  All are easily accessible.
2.  Tilt the seat back (the whole frame not just the reclining part), and you will see the seat belt sensor wires.  Unplug them.
3.  Lift the whole seat out.
4.  The two plastic trim pieces on the sides are held on with 1 small Phillips head (plus sign for you ladies) * screws.  Then they will snap off.
5.  Now you are ready to skin this cat.  The cover peels off rather easily until you get inside it.  In order to form those body hugging contours, the inside of the fabric is tacked to the foam padding with a series of metal rings.  I cut mine off using some sturdy diagonal wire cutters.  Toyota either uses employees with nimble Japanese fingers or robots to install those.  The hardest part is where the headrest holes are. The fabric does stretch enough to slip it off those areas without further disassembly.





6.  Now you are ready to get in there with your steam cleaner.  Or put the fabrics in your shower for some serious scrubbing.



7.  Then reassemble.  No need to use those silly wire rings.  I used plastic zip ties.  Then cut off the excess.  I recommend you also take care to turn that sharp edge so that it will be away from the skin of passengers.



8.  When the seat is ready to go back in, the four mounting holes may not line up.  This is because the left and right rails are independent.  So mount the left side with two bolts.  Then release the seat adjustment bar and shift the seat until the other side lines up.  Don’t forget to plus the seat belt sensor wires back in.

Tada:  car is usable again

*  See the comments section.  These may actually be Japanese Industrial Standard (JIS) screws, not Phillips head, even though they look the same to the untrained eye.  You thought you were doing good having flats and Phillips in three different sizes in your tool box.

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