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The price of gas an hour ago.  And dropping.  Even though there is crISIS in iraq.  How can that be?  Isnt turbulence in the middle east supposed to drive prices up?   No. Aren’t Bush’s friends at Halliburton going make you pay higher prices because…  BUUUUUUSHH. What this tells you is that all financial analysts on tv and radio are total morons if they do not tell you prices are controlled by supply and demand.  Demand is low and dropping because the economy is smaller than it was last year.  Fewer people are going on vacations or driving to work. 


McDonald’s flyer in their window.  They need diversity.  I just want them to get my order straight.


Marketing brilliance: on the shelf next to each other.  By this logic, game developers are paying you $20 to take a copy of civ V.

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Another Toad Gives the Scorpion a Ride.

And again.

Mr Henning, a taxi driver from Eccles, Salford, was so moved by the plight of Muslims in Syria that he decided to miss last Christmas with his wife and two children and travel 4,000 miles to deliver medical equipment to refugees holed up in the town of Al-Dana.

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Free Clue: If you visit Dangerous Places, Bad Things Could Happen

I saw a spate of similar stories recently:  Towit…

1.  This guy decided that it was his Christian duty to leave a bible behind in his motel room IN NORTH-F*&KING-KOREA.  So then he appeals to the USA to help get him out.  Sorry dude.  If you want the full backing of the US military to come rescue your dumb ass, you probably should have asked our permission before you left.  As it turns out, we are not in the least but interested , as a national policy, in rescuing Christians, anywhere.  So.  Enjoy that NORK prison.  And don’t plan on getting released in 6 years either.  You will likely be on someone’s organ donor list (as the donor) by then.

2.  These girls up and get a taste of SJS (sudden Jihadi Syndrome) and fly off to the IS for vacation.  One is already dead.  I’m not taking bets on how long the other will survive either.

3.  Then there are the journalists getting captured by IS and then beheaded.  Stupid American politicians are talking about it as an act of war.  “THEY CAN’T DO THAT TO AMERICAN CITIZENS AND GET AWAY WITH IT”!!   Um, sweetheart, yes they can.

4.  Doctors visit Africa to treat Ebola patients… and get Ebola.

5.  Mountain climbers routinely carry SATCOM phones so that they can call for rescue wherever they might be when their plans gang agey.  They just assume someone will be on the other end of that phone to take their call and have a high altitude helo standing by right when they need it.  Hey guys, JUST STAY HOME and you won’t fall off a mountain and need to use that radio.

Where do people get the idea that the US Government has an obligation to protect our citizens all around the world, even in places where they have no Earthly business being?  There is no government on the face of the Earth, not the USA, not any State, county or city that accepts the obligation to protect it’s citizens from all hazards.  You are pretty lucky if the fire department and police get there most of the time.

Journalists:  You are following your career and getting yourself into the deepest shit you can find so that you can get recognition, awards, and higher pay.  You took that risk.  Not my problem.  You may as well have told me you were going to interview a polar bear about his thoughts on global warming, wearing only a light sweater and protected by your “press pass”.  Not. My. Problem.

Jihadis:  Don’t come back.  I call upon every Imam living in the USA today to issue a fatwa declaring that every Moslem in America has a sacred duty to go to Syria and Iraq, and stay there.

Everyone else: If you do dangerous things or go dangerous places of your own free will, you are on your own.  I strongly encourage you to follow your death-defying dreams for career, ego gratification, thrill seeking, or religious reasons.  I would never try to stop you.  I love freedom.  Stop making me responsible for rescuing you.

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Why do we still have Chaplains?

They seem to be a very clear contradiction to the Constitution.  But they are a contradiction that is overlooked since the Chaplains themselves are government employees and the anti-Christian Left is OK with more government employees.

This is from the pentagon chaplains office today:

3 Step Breath

Teaching us to breathe.  Awesome.  I get a lot of notices from the Pentagon Chaplain’s office.  I can’t remember ever seeing one inviting people to hear a lecture on the divinity of Christ or on any of the five fundamentals of Christian faith.

Personally, I see no reason at all for the uniformed services to have chaplains of any denomination.  They should all be privately supported by their home denominations as missionaries and they should wear whatever civilian clothing is appropriate for their denomination.  This the US government should not be supporting them in any fashion, nor should they be evaluating them, training them and assigning them tasks like the mandatory, “don’t beat your wife” lectures every serviceMAN gets when he returns from deployment.

As a career field, they are a useless anachronism from a time when America was unarguably a Christian nation.

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Aside to Wapity

I tried and tried to post this comment to your post.  It never seemed to take.

EW, I don’t think this is a case of the Arab states siding with IS because they see us as weak. It has nothing to do with us. They are simply not interested in things that are over the next hill. They see all that as someone else’s problem. To the extent that the USA wants to go get involved, they will let us because we spend money like drunken frat boys on spring break. The Iraqi army, all by itself could easily ground IS into the dirt. They don’t WANT TO. It’s just the Northern Iraq they have, not the important Shi’it areas. So they won’t lift once finger to help Kurds, Sunni, or other minorities.

We ought to have even less interest in it than they do. The moslems need to overrun Europe before it becomes our problem. And the solution to our problem is to stop letting them in here. Simple. Not one bomb dropped. Not a single American life put at risk (other then those Americans who are foolish enough to want to live in Syria and Iraq).

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When I hear of the US response to Ebola in Africa, I am reminded of this scene.

Seriously??  in the Ebola hot zone, 300 medical workers have already been infected and half of them have died.  The solution is, “send more medical workers”?

Is there a long line of volunteers signing up for that trip?

The right answer is “total quarantine of all flights into and out of Africa”.  Let the people who live there care for their own sick people.  But then people in that part of the world are not really known for their humanitarian largesse.

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Computer Update

Ok.  I went with an upgrade instead of a new system.  The reason is more political than technical or even cost.  An upgrade I can get away with but the wife will question why I “need” a new computer.

I doubled the RAM to 8GB, even though the system says I only have 6.  According to Google (PBUH) this is normal since some of the memory will be hogged by system resources and is unavailable for general use.  I remember when all that “overhead” memory used to be counted anyway.

Then I got a new video card.  I went with the Nvidia 760Ti , made by EVGA.

I can already see a big improvement in graphics production.  Previously the game “Metro: Last Light” was unplayable due to graphics issues.  Frame rates couldn’t keep up and I would find myself shooting at monsters long after they left the frame.

That should be plenty to get me through the computer envy for another couple of years.  If I upgrade again, I will go for a new motherboard and CPU.

As an aside, the Metro game is made by Russians.  What is with Russians thinking they have to put porn in their games or people won’t buy it?  Seriously, I don’t need or want a computerized lap dance even though it only costs 5 bullets.  Do they have 14 year-olds writing their programs?

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