Gun Blogs.

I found a handy list of gun blogs at Black Man with a Gun. 

I am viewing each site and culling out the ones that are dead (no recent posts), obvious commercial sites, and sites that have nothing to do with guns.  So what is left should be a pretty good list, that will be in the growing gun blog roll in the right column.


I am also screening out obvious whackos and tin-foil-hatters, but a few of those may sneak by if they haven’t posted anything like that lately.

UPDATE:  Of the list provided, I trimmed 32 as dead blogs, 12 as commercial sites (not really blogs), 9 as not really gun related, and 1 as “blocked by my work as a spam site”.

Thus, a list of 100+ blogs, netted only 61 good links.

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In case of Nuclear Attack: Stay where you are.

This item tells us what to do in case of a nuclear attack.

It is actually pretty good advice.  And something most people don’t think about.

Obviously I have thought about it. The most critical piece of information is:  where did the bomb hit.  If it didn’t hit on top of you or near you, you are probably going to be just fine staying right where you are.

In the scenario in the article, the bomb goes off downtown D.C. and it is only a 10KT (pretty small).  Given that info, I am relatively certain that I will be just fine across the river at the pentagon.  I doubt the windows here would even break.

If my car were parked right outside I would immediately dash to get into it and drive as far south as I could get.  But I hardly ever have my car.  Within the first ten minutes, someone in charge here at the Pentagon would announce some sort of “lock down” for my own good.  But what it is really for is to keep the roads clear so VIPs can get out of the city.

The article mentions the fallout that can be avoided by staying indoors and sheltered. This part really matters a lot.  It also matters which way the wind is blowing.

So, assuming I don’t get out of the Pentagon in the first 10 minutes and get locked in, I would stay there for about two hours.  Then I would put on my comfortable walking shoes, grab a couple of bottles of water in my pack and start walking south.  I figure to make 25 miles in the first 5 hours.  That will get me out of the danger zone.  I would not even attempt any kind of automobile, or mass transport.  The only roads out of the city will be parking lots by then.  Many of the drivers will already be dying since they were out playing in the fallout and they will park their cars in the middle of the highway (just like on Walking Dead).

By mid morning, I will be at my home in Virginia.  I will be tired and sore, but not irradiated or blast damaged.  The prevailing winds will carry radiation away from where I live.  The roads will remain impassible for the next weeks while panicked citizens try desperately to flee.  I will just stay home.  If the power is still on (no reason why it wouldn’t be) I will have plenty of food, water, and entertainment.  I might have to shoot a few trespassing cattle who don’t understand that TEOTWATKI is not the same thing as TEOTWAIKI and gives them no special license to take what they want.

I can continue to shelter in my own comfortable home  and wait to see what the government does next. They will do something next.  Heck, there is a 75% chance that Obama won’t even be in DC when it hits.  There is a 50% chance that Congress will be out of town and a 100% chance that no one will miss the Supreme Court.

At some point I may find that that I have to relocate in order to find work.  Or I may get into the construction business to help with the cleanup.  But a single 10KT bomb in DC will have very little effect in the long term.


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Plot Twist: Game of Thrones

That word doesn’t mean what you think it means.

Plot twist:

Talking about King Joffrey’s untimely demise …

Hint:  It isn’t a shocking plot twist when everyone who read the books already knew it was coming.  Stop treating this slow-paced HBO production as if it is somehow exciting and fresh.  All the fans already know who is going to die next.  We have known for years.  And we are already prepared for the end of season 5, at which point you don’t renew the contract for this series because the author G.R.R. Martin couldn’t be troubled to write the ending.

Here is the real twist:  You are unemployed now.  Your character died.  No chance for resurrection or dream sequences later in the season.  I read the books.  You are done now.

SPOILER:  Tyrion kills his dad then runs off to another continent.


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Dog on Jury Duty

This story tells us that a dog was selected for Jury Duty.

As it turns out, the mix-up was actually due to a fairly common computer error.

No.  it isn’t a computer error.  A computer error can explain why the names are misspelled, or out of order (which is actually a data entry error), but that doesn’t explain why the dog has any entry at all in that database.

The real reason in voter fraud.  Some people think it is funny to register their dogs to vote, then think it is such a mystery when the dog gets called to jury duty.  Voter rolls = Jury rolls in most places around the country.

But if it goes to trial, I can see how this would happen:

Jury Foreman:  Your Honor, Juror #4 would like to sniff the defendant’s butt.

Juror #4:  WOOF!



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Bundy-Nevada Full Disclosure

I think it is salient in no particular way to point out that I personally have lived and worked on Federally managed lands since I was 17, (off and on).  I know all about the management and mismanagement of lands and was even a land manager myself once, managing about 15 square KM and a population of a few thousand American citizens.  I met with cattle farmers and negotiated lease disputes, and did so fully armed and armored like a military unit.   I was even introduced to some cattle on a first name basis.  Along the way I have dealt with multiple federal agencies.

I won’t go into details.

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Final words on Bundy standoff

I just have a few more important points to make on this issue before moving on to something else.  I am not going to rehash all the same things I already said.  Nothing I said before was wrong and none of it has changed.

I have a very low tolerance for manipulation and Machiavelian asshattery.  I have been watching it for decades around the world and I can usually spot it within a few minutes.  I have spotted it all over this issue.  And always one sided.  Bundy and his clan are the ones manipulating public opinion to get their free stuff.  It is Bundy who is taking advantage of generic public anger over Government tyranny in order to stir up support for his theft of valuable resources from public land.  He is violating well established public law and law that is easily understood by 99.99% of people who speak English fluently and are not retarded.  It is obvious that he is getting something for nothing.  It is NOT his land.

So, I am looking back on the typical infowars agitprop videos of this situation and here is what I see:

1.  “Pregnant women is thrown to the ground”.  In the video, it wasn’t obvious she was pregnant.  It was obvious that she was putting herself in a place of danger, intentionally and aggressively charging the BLM officers and then when she was slapped down, only then does she scream, “I’m pregnant”.  If being pregnant entitles you to a special protected status, maybe you should stay home and protect yourself.

2.  “Government truck hits ATV”.  The government truck was already moving at a crawl and the ATV driver deliberately drove in front of it and wedged his own vehicle under the truck front bumper, then jumped away ans screamed, “they hit me”.   Just like when Rachel Corey stood in front of an Israeli bulldozer and got run over.

3.  In the final confrontation, large groups of men shouting, “I am unarmed”, intermingled with men who are definitely NOT unarmed.  If you are part of an armed angry crowd, you get no protection for being unarmed.

4.  Men shouting, “You can either arrest us all or kill us all”.  Stupid.  There are lots of other options.  Including every combination of arrest, kill, injure, maim, and totally ignore.  It’s not a rule just because you say it is.

5.  The only “sniper” I saw was one of the “defenders”, set up on the highway overpass.

6.  Bundy family instructed their minions to leave camo at home, yet did nothing to prevent those wearing camo from attending.  The picture I saw, shows a line of camo wearing men forming a protective screen in front of Bundy, thus implying at least that they have his full consent to their presence.  Having cake and eating it too.

7.  The same people who whine and complain about corporate welfare, crony capitalism, welfare queens, and Obamaphones, are supporting this man’s “right” to free government grass and water for his cattle.  It is all the same thing.  Private enterprise cattle ranchers use their own land and have to compete against Bundy at the stockyards.

8.  I wonder who the Bundy family voted for in the last 20 years.   Freeloader mentality… I am guessing Obama, Reid, and Kerry were at the top of the list.  I wonder how many of their supporters would have stayed home if this was known.

9.  As the BLF is leaving, someone from the crown shouts, “GO BACK TO D.C.”   Those park rangers and BLM employees likely all live in Nevada.  If added manpower was needed, BLM would get them from neighboring states that also have lots of BLM and rangers.  All those guys aren’t going back to D.C.  They are going back to their homes, right next door to you bunch of yokels.

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Spiking the Ball in Nevada

Something unusual happened in Nevada over the weekend.  The federal government saw the situation on the Bundy ranch spinning out of control and they backed down rather than let violence win the day.  From my point of view, it has been obvious all along who the adults in the this situation were.    One side has been patient and de-escalating, the other side has been incendiary.  One side was obviously hoping for confrontation.  The other side took their case to the courts.

Time waster called it a “rout”.

When one side takes the high road to avoid violence that is predictably coming, they should be praised.  If you want them to be less reasonable next time (don’t kid yourself, there will be a next time), then just keep talking about how you kicked their asses when the other side was going out of their way to be civil.

FWIW, despite the strict instructions of the Bundy family, there were plenty of rifles and camo visible.  And no obvious attempt to kick them out to keep things from looking like an armed rebellion.

The issue has not been resolved.  The Bundy family is still using public lands without a valid permit.  They are still grazing their cattle for free.  There is still a valid court order demanding that they remove their cattle or the Federal government is within their rights to remove them.

Next step:  Overwhelming force.  There were no SWAT teams or snipers present the last time.  That was all BS.  But there will be next time.  Last time only BLM and park rangers were present.  Next time there will be plenty of federal law enforcement present.  Next time, they will cordon off the area and arrest everyone who trespasses while the herd is being rounded up.  Next time, the herd will be removed to an undisclosed location just as fast as the trucks can be loaded, and the Bundy family won’t get them back.  They will be liquidated to offset the Bundy debt.  Overwhelming force is how law enforcement ensures a minimal amount of casualties and damage.  Overwhelming force convinces troublemakers to keep their big mouths shut.  The next step legally is for the Federal government to place a lien on the Bundy property for restitution of back grazing fees and fines.  That is what they would do to anyone else.

If the larger issue here is the over-reach of an out of control federal government, then this issue has done nothing to resolve that.  Everyone else in America is still under the boot heel of Obamacare, the IRS, the EPA, and the BLM (if they are using federally managed lands).  They have won NOTHING.  Once guy gets to keep flouting the law for a little while longer.

There is no constitutional right at stake here.  NONE.  Bundy does not have a right to use other people’s land.  Those so-called “Oath Keepers” need to stay out of this one.  Same for all the militia organizations.  They don’t have a dog in this fight.

The right way to fight this fight is to elect representative who have the balls to restrict the powers of the EPA, BLM, and all the other alphabet agencies.  Who you vote for matters.  If those pin-headed ass-hats in the militias and “Oath Keepers” really care about this, then why aren’t they community organizing in mass for the next local elections and sponsoring candidates who are strict constitutionalists?  Why aren’t they putting their money where their fat mouths are?



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