Taming of the Screw.

The discussion of the various types of screws that might possibly be holding my car together caused me to take this picture.


No dimples.  Just a simple #2 Phillips.

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Arts and crafts: upholstery

Every once in a while, there is a spill in your car.  Usually a damp sponge takes care of it. Sometimes a carpet shampoo is all you need.  But sometimes a passenger becomes violently sick and sprays the passenger seat with partially digested breakfast.  And lunch.  And that iced coffee she had.

At such times, that sponge isn’t going to be enough.  You are going to have to do some major disassembly of your car interior and do it right now.  This is not a job that can wait while you go to work and leave your car parked in the Virginia Summer Sun for 12 hours.

So.  Fortunately, the engineering the Toyota people used to make the car easy to assemble makes it easy for you to take it apart… mostly.

1.  Your seat is held in my four large bolts.  Those are each covered by a plastic cover.  The covers are snapped in place.  Easy to unsnap. No tricks.  Remove the bolts using any old end wrench or socket wrench.  All are easily accessible.
2.  Tilt the seat back (the whole frame not just the reclining part), and you will see the seat belt sensor wires.  Unplug them.
3.  Lift the whole seat out.
4.  The two plastic trim pieces on the sides are held on with 1 small Phillips head (plus sign for you ladies) * screws.  Then they will snap off.
5.  Now you are ready to skin this cat.  The cover peels off rather easily until you get inside it.  In order to form those body hugging contours, the inside of the fabric is tacked to the foam padding with a series of metal rings.  I cut mine off using some sturdy diagonal wire cutters.  Toyota either uses employees with nimble Japanese fingers or robots to install those.  The hardest part is where the headrest holes are. The fabric does stretch enough to slip it off those areas without further disassembly.





6.  Now you are ready to get in there with your steam cleaner.  Or put the fabrics in your shower for some serious scrubbing.



7.  Then reassemble.  No need to use those silly wire rings.  I used plastic zip ties.  Then cut off the excess.  I recommend you also take care to turn that sharp edge so that it will be away from the skin of passengers.



8.  When the seat is ready to go back in, the four mounting holes may not line up.  This is because the left and right rails are independent.  So mount the left side with two bolts.  Then release the seat adjustment bar and shift the seat until the other side lines up.  Don’t forget to plus the seat belt sensor wires back in.

Tada:  car is usable again

*  See the comments section.  These may actually be Japanese Industrial Standard (JIS) screws, not Phillips head, even though they look the same to the untrained eye.  You thought you were doing good having flats and Phillips in three different sizes in your tool box.

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Mayasian Jet Crash in Ukraine

I still don’t care.

1.  There is still no US dog in this fight.

2.  Shit happens.

3.  There is no point in having American government investigators go to the crash site and sift through debris.  None.  Zero.  No one can be sued. No procedures are going to be improved.  There is NOTHING American at stake that is worth the price of air travel to the Ukraine for those investigators. NOTHING.

4.  So what?  Is the Netherlands going to declare war against Russia?  Are they going to use their own massive air force to patrol the skies above Ukraine and hunt down missile radars?  Or maybe Malaysia will do it?  No.  The essence of law is force.  Since no country will use force against Russia, they absolutely can get away will killing 400 people in a civilian airplane.  There is no international law without force to back it up.  That is why nations still go to war.  War is not obsolete as a way to decide who wins.

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Why don’t people like the Gypsies?

This story tells us that a small town in Belgium is trying to get rid of some “undocumented immigrants” of their own.

Maybe it is because despite decades of politically correct thought control on the subject of being inclusive and “everyone being all the same on the inside”, it is pretty obvious that SOME people are not like everyone else.  The stereotype of Gypsies being vagabond thieves, grifters, cheats, and schemers, is well deserved.  The only reason we don’t have more of these in the USA is that their car caravans can’t cross the Atlantic Ocean.

It would not break my heart in even the smallest way if the entire civilized world were to declare such people anathema and all of their practices that make them a viable community outlawed.   i don’t much care what happens in the uncivilized world, but I seriously doubt that will be an issue.  Parasites seems to prefer nice fat hosts.

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Giving up Today

I KNOW I have been commenting on websites for the past couple of days, but none of my comments are there.

Vox, EW, and several others.  Those using Disqus seem to be working for me.

My guess:  Some conflict between my obsolete government-required browser, my mandatory government approved firewall, and my automatic government operated proxy server, clashing with the best internet features in the modern world that gets updated every weekend.


It is really annoying too, since I have been on a roll for the past couple of days.

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NASA fooling you twice

This article tells us that NASA expects to discover alien life in the next 20 years.

But this “prediction” is really nothing more than faith in their religion of scientism.

First, it assumes there is any “life” out there to find.

Second, it will likely be dumbed down to microbial life as being equal to our own.

“Just imagine the moment, when we find potential signatures of life.

See?  It’s already starting.  “Signatures of life”.  Not “life”. Not “intelligent life”.  Not, “a race of creatures like us capable of sustaining a complex civilization”.  Advanced civilizations become any civilizations which becomes wandering animals which becomes growing things which becomes flowing water on the surface which becomes “scratch marks” that look like they might have been made by water millions and millions of years ago:  WOOHOO!  Break out the Champagne.  We Found it.

…the space agency outlined a plan to search for alien life using current telescope technology…

Been there.  Done that.  Killed it in 1995 as a total waste of time and money.

First, assuming there is an alien civilization out there somewhere, until we achieve faster than light space travel, there is no way to confirm it with direct observation.  The closest we will ever get is using computers to interpret data that other computers have generated from the signals we get from the Hubble (not pictures, DATA).  Anything found will be well below the noise level until that noise is “adjusted to fit” and then, a miracle occurs and planets pop into existence.  And with no way for anyone else to ever confirm it, we all just have to take NASA’s word for it that their faith in E.T. was justified and those meanies in congress shouldn’t have killed their pet boondoggles.

I am OK with NASA scienticians continuing to search for their God in the heavens.  But, like other hobbyists, they should do it on their own time and on their own dime.

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I saw this story again at the Weapon Blog.  I think I saw the same thing about 6 months ago too.  I’m too lazy to Google it, but you can.

“If the mayor’s not going to provide security, then my recommendation, as an experienced law enforcement officer for nearly 40 years, is either buy yourself an attack dog, put bars on your windows and get yourself some firearms because you’re going to had to protect yourselves. We won’t be able to,” Mr. Rivera said.

I see a few problems with that.

1.  This assumes that the mayor was providing any actual security at all in the first place.   If that community has a high crime rate even with all those police, then one could credibly argue that the Mayor is NOT providing security.  What he is providing are administrators for social programs.

2.  If there is a problem with crime in that community, then Mr. Rivera should have been advocating the “buy guns” message all along.  But he wasn’t.  Police don’t really want individuals being armed and talking care of themselves.

3.  If there is no problem with crime, then people don’t need to put bars on their windows and buy guns to defend against non-existent crime.  We have police in my community. We don’t need many of them and crime is low.  If we didn’t have any at all, I can’t imagine crime getting any higher as a result.

4.   There is such a thing as “private security”.  Communities don’t need to hire union goons with badges to police their neighborhoods.  They could hire security companies with at-will employees instead.

So the “pay up or else” tactic Mr. Rivera is promoting is not really gun advocacy, it is fear mongering in the name of supporting union jobs.


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