It was a mathematical certainty that America was going to remain in decline.  But there was some hope for a little breathing room.  Now?  Nothing.  The first four years were aweful.  But the fact that fully half of America wants another four years of this proves we are all well and truly fucked.

Where to invest for the future:  Production, distribution and sales of alcoholic beverages.  Video games.  It can get pretty boring in the safe room.

UPDATE:  As an aside, I wish to point out that a Romney win by the same narrow margine would also have demonstrated DOOOM.  The problem is that there are that many people who cannot even recognize the difference between good and bad presidents.  The ideological lines are drawn and can only be moved by a 1/2 % either way.  No matter how terrible Obama was (and he was indeed terrible) he was guaranteed to get 48% of the vote.  I doubt that more than 1/2 a percent of his votes were fruadulent.  That still leaves 50% that actually believe another Obama term is just dandy.

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11 Responses to DOOOOOOM!!!

  1. Calvin says:

    I haven’t even had time to process this. I couldn’t sleep for about an hour (the election was called for Obama here on the West Coast before my routinely early bed time). 51% of the people are OK with Big Government. How does one reverse that? I suspect that we are further down the road to European socialism than I had ever expected.

  2. Jim says:

    You join it to collapse it.

  3. Calvin. You missed the major point here. Not just that 50% are OK with big government. Hell, 90% are OK with big government. America’s state federal and local governments are huge by any meaningful standard. they have been for a long time and most Americans accept it. The election last night showed that 51% of American voters are OK with Marxism. They are OK with Tyranny. They are Ok with presidents and AG’s who are obove the law and just do whatever the F**K they want. They are OK with looting the federal treasury to give away to God-knows-who. They are OK with a government that has not even bothered to pass a budget in over three years, but still manages to continue record high spending every year. They are OK with an economy that is a great depression continuing for another 5-10 years. They are Ok with robbing the savings and wealth of old people through inflation. And they are OK with an out of control federal bureaucracy enacting laws that the legislature refused to do because it was unwise.

    THAT is what America faces. I WISH it were only about big government. That was never on the agenda.

  4. Brendan says:

    It’s a demographic inevitability. It can’t be reversed at this point. The old America with Anglo-Saxon values is in inexorable relative decline. It can’t be stopped at this point.

    What we are going to see is a move, probably a permanent one, to the left. This matches the demographic changes (Latinos culturally more amenable to socialist statism, non-Latino young people more or less totally brainwashed by the educational system to be amenable to it). And so we are going to see the GOP move to the left. Or, alternatively, we could see it split between a conservative party and a moderate party. Either way, the dominant force politically will be on the left on the national level. On the state and local level, there may still be conservative pockets (e.g., Oklahoma had every county red, for example), but on the national level there is a fundamental outnumbering which, even though it’s currently a slim one, will continue to grow in size over time.

    The US is morphing into something fundamentally different than the country we grew up in — something far worse, more socialist, less white, more like the “rest of the world”. That’s where the US is going. Sucks, but that’s life.

    There’s still video games, though.

  5. Jim. It is bad Juju to hope for collapse. Collapse is almost always bad. Lots of good people will die. Lots of scumbags will become wealthy. Potentially worse people will come to power and all the safeguards we used to have in this country won’t be there to control them. The American experiment was unique. It was good while it lasted. There is no reason to expect what comes next will be as good and every reason to believe it will be worse. Most likely some form of feudalism. Great for teh aristocracy but not so good for everyone else.

  6. Jim says:

    And you think blacks, hispanics, and women care? They are the aristocracy man. They need to be defeated and the only way to do that is to bring it all down by making them pay for it now.

    Hale, you could pool all the money in this nation and distribute it equally and in 5 years there would still be the same class structure based on wealth controlled by the same people. Based on attitudes. And what’s happening now is ensuring the demise of the economy because it punishes success.

  7. Og says:

    “Jim. It is bad Juju to hope for collapse.” Bingo. A couple of my very best friends have lived in countries in times of hardship like that, and I don’t want that if I can possibly avoid it.

  8. Doc says:

    Being the opportunist that I am, I started the night at a Romney party – because I hoped he would win. But when it became apparent he wouldn’t, I headed over to an Obama party that I knew of, met a sweet young thing who was happy to have turned 18 early enough to vote in this election. I took her home so that I could add to her night of firsts…

    I learned long ago – hope for the best, but always take advantage of the situation. So I’ll continue to take advantage of the situation which is this train-wreck.

    Over the last 4 years, I’ve moved more and more of my assets overseas – taking advantage of every tax loop-hole this administration created to be sure I paid zero in the US due to “losses” and “expenses” – of course all of my real profits were “elsewhere”… I’ve done quite well, although in the US I’ve been losing money left and right… I will continue this, but now I think I’ll leave the US at some point for good.

    It is no longer “my country” since I believe in hard-work, opportunity, and succeeding by your own effort – rather than looting others. But that doesn’t mean I’m not going to take advantage of the stupidity of this administration (Government) – so if I can get guarantees that I can go bank-rupt on to hurry the inevitable destruction along, I will – especially if it is beneficial to me. :) Just like the young lady last night, whom I’ll be seeing this coming weekend to continue enjoying what she can “give me”…

  9. lgrobins says:

    Agreed. Things are far worse than I thought. I didn’t fully process the power of the single slut women until now. All they want is their free birth control and big bird.

    Good for you. I full support your endeavors. I guess you could say the 18 year old rocked the slut vote. Do you have a country you would recommend moving to?

  10. Jim says:

    Hale, they are already talking gun bans and no grandfather clause. We will be automatically judged as criminals. That’s the big dance. Hope you show up.

  11. Jim, I’ll dance with them that brung me. Always have.

    But America is far too wealthy a nation to decline quickly. We will all have plenty of notice.

    BTW, You are all on notice.

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