The Coming Term

Politicians are falling all over themselves with statements about working together and getting the job done.  I know they have to do that but I honestly wonder who they think they are kidding?

1.  We heard the same thing last time and we got a congress that can’t even pass a budget and hasn’t even tried in over three years.

2.  Even with total gridlock, somehow all the money is still getting spent at record levels and more borrowed besides.  It is like the whole system is on autopilot and still managing to outspend even the most profligate excesses that politicians can devise.

3.  There are fundimental differences between the two factions (conservative or liberal) and there is no middle ground between them.  Every compromise to liberals is a surrender on conservative principles.  Every new bi-partisan agreement is harming the nation from a conservative point of view and should be resisted strongly. 

4.  Grid lock is preferred to what we got the last four years.  But we won’t get grid lock.  The default position when politicians can’t agree is supposed to be “do nothing”.  But our congress manages to disagree and the result is new record spending with everything getting fully funded. Why would Dems ever compromise when they are going to get everything they want if they hold out?

5.  House Republicans are a guttless waste of time and will not use their constitutional authority to control government spending. 

6.  If the House did cut spending unilaterally, the president would just ignore them and spend whatever he wanted to anyway.  Treasury would move the money from income to spending accounts.  What’s congress going to do about it?  They aren’t going to impeach him.  If the House votes to impeach the Senate still has Obama’s back.  He is above the law.  He can get away with murder, theft, treason, or anything else he wants to do.  The only check on his power was the ballot box and the majority of Americans are just fine with a corrupt dictator as president. 

7.  So.  Knowing what is coming, please, stop telling us all that working together is a good thing and you are goig to get right on it.

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6 Responses to The Coming Term

  1. MadPiper says:

    Nicely summed up. My contempt for Congress is without limit and increases everytime I hear the words ‘work together’ and ‘bi-partisianship’. If they are unwilling to perform their oath to the Constitution, what good are they? Acursed parasites the lot of them.

    Now excuse me while I listen to some sacred choral music and lower my blood pressure.

  2. Doomfinger says:

    “House Republicans are a guttless waste of time and will not use their constitutional authority to control government spending. ”
    Even if they did Obama would just use his new found constitutional authority to executive order everything–and people would do absolutely nothing.

  3. Jim says:

    And yet the idiocracy threatens the republicans to compromise or lose the House. As if voting them out is going to make them suffer with their generous benefits.

  4. If you are a republican candidate in a high idiocy district, then you know what you have to do. But let’s not pretend you are conservative.

  5. Jim says:

    Amen to that.

    The new one now is join them or be left behind. It’s not an ideology anymore, it’s a cult. This is Jim Jones times infinity man.

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