Reversal on Abortion

I am generally against the strong persecuting the weak.  And I think that Hell has special punishments reserved for child molesters.  So I have also consistently supported the rights of the unborn.  (babies who have not yet exited the womb, and started breathing, and did not do so in an abortion clinic– I may have twisted the grammar there too much to follow, but you get the idea).  

But I an rethinking that position.  The world is a cold cruel place with a lot of uglyness in it.  Who am I to stand in the way of the ugliness that other people want to inflict on their own children?  Pretty ambitious and arogant if you think about it.

And since government won’t do anything about the demographic bomb, America will continue to be under the control of stupider and stupider people.  The only real solution for that is genocide.  But since we are so damned civilized, we have to depend on those people to self-genocide.  If it only takes a fiver to convince some ghetto trash or third world immigrant to not have a kid, that’s money well spent.

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14 Responses to Reversal on Abortion

  1. Jim says:

    Agree. They abort themselves at much older ages anyway, i.e. southside of Chicago, and take away the rights of others simply because of they way they do it (usually with guns).

  2. Doomfinger says:

    “The world is a cold cruel place with a lot of uglyness in it.”
    If I have to suffer, they should too, dammit! No easy exits.

  3. Hermit says:

    I tend to waffle on this. As a Christian, I am very against killing unborn babies. However, increasingly I have a hard time considering most NAMs human. Anyways, we’re just going to have to kill them later when the country collapses and the SHTF.

    Interestingly, this is the second time I’ve heard this position this week.:
    “Pro-life? Pro-choice? Pro-rape? As always, my thoughts on the subject are far more subtle and nuanced than everybody else’s, because everybody else is retarded.

    I’m pro-life for white babies. Pro-abortion for everything else.”

  4. That’s just racist.

    There’re a whole lot of white babies that shouldn’t grow up either.

    The real test is, “will this child grow up to put a gun to my head and force me to finance their lifestyle or will he or she just leave me the F*** alone”? A government gun is the same as a private sector gun.

  5. Simon Grey says:

    “If it only takes a fiver to convince some ghetto trash or third world immigrant to not have a kid, that’s money well spent.”

    This. This is why I read you. Very brilliant; very evil.

  6. John says:

    Outside of the Caucasian “West” the entire world engages in what is called “racism” because it is normal and quite natural. Not being “racist” is an artificial construct and the word itself was first coined by communists with the idea and hope that they could use the concept as a psychological weapon to instill “guilt” in the minds of western man which would result in both un-resisted in-migration and a confused effort at the impossible goal of integration with the subsequent loss of social cohesion.

    Look out any window …

    The “divide and conquer” strategy is made quite simple when your target allows in-migration of “the other” and concurrently becomes convinced that “we” are all the same when a simple glance should be enough to convince the observer that such is not the case. “Cognitive dissonance” anyone?

    Given that you claim to be a “professor” and therefore a “teacher”, you may wish to peruse the following study titled “Oxytocin promotes human ethnocentrism” ( Click on “Full Test” to enlighten yourself as to the neuro-chemical-psychological facts of the matter. Not only do the scientists who performed and then authored the study hold impeccable credentials, the editing of the work was performed by a professor from Princeton – hardly a hotbed of either “conservatism” or “racism.” In spite of a century and a half of programming by academia as well as the fallacious belief promoted by modern Christianity that “we are all the same”, all evidence not only suggests such an idea has no intellectual foundation, but makes rule that such is not the case.

    What is referred to as “racism” is as natural as breathing air.

    Good day, and enjoy the read.

  7. Thanks, John, you racist.

    This is not an argument about which race is better than any other or about them not all being the same. But a much more relevant argument about who is on my side. There are without a doubt fine people in every race under the sun that I can trust to watch my back when I sleep, and others I could not trust enough to let inside the fence. If you use race as the sole indicator of who your enemies are, you are a racist, and a self-defeating one at that.

    Yes, there are some voting precincts that voted 100% for Obama and they are certainly NOT on my side. And it is one heck of a strange coincidence that they are all from one or two visibly different races. But the search for allies is an important one for the coming hard times. I cannot afford to overlook any just on the basis of skin color. I may be a racist, but I’m not stupid.

  8. Vyb8u9 says:

    That’s why Todd Akin scared both the left and the mainstream right. He shined on something that is quite understated and ignored by liberals. I don’t know why feminists took on the mantle of abortion. In the past, due to sexual violence, drugs, herbs and rape, miscarriages and natural abortions were quite common in patriarchal eras. They just called it miscarriages or accidents that came out of something else. Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome practiced certain forms of infanticide and frowned on others. Todd Akin’s position was pretty close to the traditional understanding of abortion. Yes, she can “shut the whole thing down” indeed. Racists also practiced certain forms of abortions in the past.

  9. Φ says:

    Considering abortion solely in terms of its instrumentality, are you sure that the babies being aborted, on net, are more of a drain on the public fisc than those left to live? Perhaps they are, but as we in the Steve-o-sphere are aware, the abortion-cuts-crime theory collapsed on close inspection.

    Also, I can’t help but note the inconsistency: you dismiss categorical judgments about blacks and hispanics as mere coincidences, but you seize on a generality about aborted babies that you haven’t yet established.

  10. John says:

    Well “professor”, you are evidently being a bit presumptive.

    Spending two tours in Vietnam, I had both Blacks and Mestisto’s “covering my back” and I theirs as well. Which “war” was that you were in anyway?

    The fact that I favor my own in-group in no differing manner than do members of other in-groups makes me “normal” – neither abnormal, nor deluded, nor “racist” when using the commonly perceived meaning of the word. I have simply learned through experience that living with rose-colored politically correct glasses as perpetual facial decor is a recipe for absolute failure because I discovered long ago when “I’d Like To Buy The World A Coke” I found it didn’t want to keep me company.

    Tell you what “Doc”, why don’t you engage in a sociology experiment and this coming Friday night waltz on into an all-black bar deep in the envirions of their side of town and see how well that works out. The following weekend (if you are able) do the same thing in the Hispanic part of town and make sure that both studies are conducted after 2200 hours. When the field trips (not before) have been completed (closing time in each data plot) look up the F.B.I data on crime statistics by race and then ascertain if your field experimentation matches up with the decades-long data they have compiled. I’ll bet it does and I’ll bet that “I’m the smartest guy in the room” attitude gets re-adjusted during both field studies.

    When the lumpen tune into National Geographic, Animal Planet or perhaps The Discovery Channel, every now and again a “program” will air showing (if it’s on cable does it “air” or wire?) predator-prey relationships. As the decades have passed these productions have become ever more anthropomorphic as there’s almost never a predator that isn’t part of a “family” and the writers-producers always give the featured creatures human names. Take wolves as an example We are treated to touching interactions as the offspring of the “family” plays with each other while the alpha male and female are paying bills and deciding how much money to set aside for the pups education and their coming retirement.

    What isn’t shown is that two drainages to the east a similar scene is playing out except that particular pack has 17 members and the available supply of deer and elk have plummeted due to “resource depletion” caused by their own predation. Further, even though coyotes are closely related to them, heck, almost like cousins, this wolf pack did what every other wolf pack does – they killed them because they share part of the same prey base. They are so numerous that they have even run Grizzlies off kills, you know, “Stealing when they should have been buying.”

    Hey, “A fella’s got to eat”, right?

    The part that isn’t shown is when that 17 member pack heads west and kills off that other pack of nicely-named wolves, and that happens all the time. I live in that sort of country and unlike 99.999% of you fine folks, I have a ringside seat to natures daily “Cage fight.” It’s a great place to live and quite beautiful, but oft times not “pretty.”

    After you have completely finished all those field studies and checked those F.B.I. statistics, take a few minutes and check global demographic numbers and while doing so run back by the decade to say 1900. Take careful note of the Caucasian population numbers and while doing so understand that some of those fellows in the Middle East as categorized as such as well as some Hispanics. If one is intellectually honest about the research he/she would study the data in “western” nations, for that is where our racial/historical/cultural history emanates from and hangs on by a mere sliver. In-so-far as world population numbers it’s around 10% and declining from almost 30% back in 1900.

    You argue correctly about the virtues of classical Western Civilization prior to the emergence of socialist/communist influences in the political sphere and to varying degrees touch on racial influences regarding such as well. An absolute certainty is that neither of these groups care a whit about “white history” and the dead “white guys” who founded this country, nor their predecessors and the remarkable intellectual evolution that took western civilization to the heights it reached. They care about their perceived share of an economic pie they had little or nothing to do with its making and in fact are actively engaged in its destruction. In the main one group can be categorized as destroyers and the other as parasites with exceptions to every rule.

    Never-the-less, that larger pack of wolves is in our drainage and they are here to take everything in it. Unless we do something there will be nothing left.

  11. Dear “John”. Thank you for this long “response”. Though it isn’t a response to anything I wrote so much as it is just some random mutterings. I did ask you to try to make a point. I still don’t have a clue what you are trying to say or how it relates to my original post. Feel free to take another whack at it. I’m feeling magnanimous with the internet today.

  12. John says:

    I’ll make it simple for you then as the circumstances obviously evidence.

    Back in the 1990’s someone within earshot uttered that he was pro-abortion as long as the medical(?) procedure was not performed on white people. I was silently appalled. As the years have gone by I’ve begun to understand and to some degree appreciate his position.

    By its original definition a nation is a geographical area inhabited by people of the same race who are thus considered citizens of that nation. An objective view of the constitution make such clearly evident and with a small modicum of study even the “Great Emancipator” was a proponent of repatriating negroes (as he so referred to them) to Africa. In his words did not believe them to be equal to the white man. The fact that Lincoln’s both spoke and wrote about the subject as depicted is not open to debate, and though “racist” to say so, the fact of the matter remains that regardless of the hundreds of billions expended on educating them and installing racial preferences to their benefit, they remain a standard deviation lower than the average Caucasian on I.Q. tests.

    The U.S. is no longer a nation, but instead little more than a political construct inside its own borders and an voratious empire abroad. I find it lamentable that a self-annointed “professor” can pose as such given the obvious evidence of his woeful ignorance of such elementary matters.

  13. John,
    Thanks again for your strongly worded response. Again… having a little trouble connecting the dots on this end.

    1. Get over yourself. This is the internet. I can be the Queen of Sheba here if I want to be.

    2. I didn’t argue that anything you said wasn’t true or that I didn’t already know those things a long time ago. I argued that they were not relevant to my topic. You are pointing your finger at the 14% and shrinking part of the problem. I am pointing at the 35% and growing part.

    3. You seem determined to limit the obvious benefits of publicly financed abortion to black people. I am willing to open it up to people of all colors. The people who would get an abortion would be bad parents anyway and their kids would likely grow up to be ne’er-do-wells.

  14. Doomfinger says:

    “There are without a doubt fine people in every race under the sun that I can trust to watch my back when I sleep, and others I could not trust enough to let inside the fence.”

    It all depends on the apocalypse you’re preparing for. A friend from the Congo told me about two “best friends forever”: a Hutu and a Tutsi… As you can guess, one ended up killing the other, at the behest of his other friends: “You can’t trust him, he’ll kill you when your back is turned.”

    An American black told a white friend that if there were ever a race war he would join the whites, because he’s sick of most blacks. Strange things like this happen, of course, but I suspect that some kind of pressure will occur that will ensure these things do not end the way they should.

    I’m not trying to tell you what to do, of course. I am essentially a reluctant racist–those seeking “justice” for Trayvon have themselves to blame.

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