Holly Petraeus, NSTR

Judith Woods at the Telegraph opins that GEN (ret) David Petraeus was a no-good-cheating-horndog because his wife Holly “let herself go”. 

OMG… She didn’t just say that.  Of course it’s true, but you DON’T SAY THAT.

Here’s my take:

1.  Yes, Holly is a frumpy little butterball.  That does not make her undeserving of her husband’s love, respect, or fidelity.  Nor is it the cause of Gen P being lecherous and running loose.  If she had been a stunning bikini model half his age, there is a good chance he would still have found someone who added a little something extra that he was missing at home.

2.  Those blogs that are defending Mrs P are calling her “accomplished”.  Here is her bio.   There is nothing “accomplished” there.   She has spent her entire life being the wife of David Petraeus.  If he had not been a general, no one would have ever heard of her.  She would not have been an advocate for military families (all general’s wives do this).  Nor would she have been appointed to a do-nothing job as a consumer protection commissioner.  Being a wife and mother are her accomplishments.  But Gen P’s Girlfriend also had two kids and graduated from West Point and did a ton of other stuff, ON HER OWN MERIT. 

3.  There is some insider gossip here in the Pentagon that Gen P has been a ladie’s man for a long time.  That the power he enjoys causes young power-hungry women to throw themselves at him and he feels it is his chivalrous duty to catch them.  No telling if it is true. 

4.  I am personally glad I will never have that sort of temptation thrown at me.  Being neither handsome, rich, nor powerful, no women will be throwing themselves at me.  If they did, I am pretty certain I would try a little to deflect them.  But I am only human.  If they were determined, I would fail.  If I fail, it will have nothing whatsoever to do with my wife letting herself go and becoming a short, frumpy troll with delusions of personal accomplishment.  It will be because for a short time, someone made me feel good about myself and I liked that.  Gen P, likely had other reasons (Generals normally feel good about themselves all the time and have large staffs of people telling them constantly how wonderful they are).  Maybe it was something as simple as the the desire to WIN in a game he hadn’t played since he was 20.  Or maybe his little general was cold and she offered him a warm place to put it.


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8 Responses to Holly Petraeus, NSTR

  1. Ras Al Ghul says:

    “young power-hungry women to throw themselves at him and he feels it is his chivalrous duty to catch them”

    Are you trying to “reclaim” the word chivalry the way feminists try to “reclaim” slut and Indigenous people of north america are reclaiming squaw?

  2. Mike43 says:

    Sorry, he’s a typical “general at any cost” product, that is currently leaving West Point. His marriage was, at least on his side, political. He was instantly smitten by the fact that his father in law would guarantee choice assignments. That’s the game he played all his life.

    One thing I do know, in the infantry battalions I was with; if a guy was a ladies man, he was also a scumbag. If he was banging the cocktail waitress; how would you know if he wouldn’t make a pass at your wife when you were deployed. Like I said, in real army units; scumbag.

  3. Mike43 says:

    I suppose I would rewrite my comment to say “married guy.”

  4. “Being neither handsome, rich, nor powerful, no women will be throwing themselves at me. “

    True for probably just about everyone who will read your blog or mine or 99% of the blogs out there.

    And what it does remind me is to be a bit more circumspect in my condemnation of retired Gen P’s actions…for he was faced with temptations, some of them self-induced, that I certainly do not face. Myself being neither rich nor powerful or particularly good looking (although Mrs. Wapiti seems to think so, tho I don’t know what she’s talking about). Also agree that Mrs. P letting herself go is not license to go oat-sowing.

  5. Doomfinger says:

    What is your opinion of hot glue bullets? Is there really a point in using them to practice when the range is so close?

  6. Giraffe says:

    Doomfinger, I think I’d try wax bullets first.

  7. I don’t recommend using anything but approved materials in firearms. There can be unforseen consequences.

    1. The gas tube in any AR or AK style weapon depends on a small hole at the end of the barrel. If that hole gets blocked by hot glue, wax or lead, your fancy gun stops working.

    2. While wax bullets have been used for pistols for a long time, particularly in trick shooting, there are special loads for them too. Those loads are not published in most reloading tables.

    3. There are a lot of unknowns about how a hot glue bullet would perform inside the barrel and outside. The Coeficient of frinctions will be highly variable as the bullet begins to melt at ignition. So the bullet might yaw inside the barrell.

    4. At the very least it will leave melted glue inside the barrel and that will be difficult to clean. The military does have some blue plastic training ammunitionthat it uses with some rifles. They create a cleaning nightmare. The last time i used them, we selected only a few crew served weapons to do all the shooting. Our personal arms (the ones we were taking for Life fire in Iraq) would remain pristene.

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