Rational tax compromise.

The Republican position of holding the line on rising taxes is untenable. 

Yes, we know that both sides of this “debate” are lying about their motives and about ever single point of fact that might be relevant.  So it’s not like it matters.  But there are a few things that no one else is saying.  So I will.

1.  The taxes, they are going up.  And it is not a choice among who will get hid hardest.  Everyone is going to pay the piper.  All those old people who depend on their savings are going to get taken to the cleaners in inflation (tax on savings).  Everyone with a job is going to pay more income and labor taxes.  Businesses are going to pay more health care costs directly attributable to government policy (TAX).  Everyone with retirement savings is going to see their live savings inflated away.  Oh sure, the balance sheets will see record high returns, but unaccountably they won’t be able to pay their bills with that money.  It won’t be enough after inflation. 

2.  The Republican argument about shielding the top 1-2% is just pointless.  For one thing, over half of those 1-2% VOTED FOR OBAMA.  So FUCK THEM!

3.  The only fair way to raise taxes is to out democrat the democrats.  Double the effective income taxes on the wealthiest Americans, giving credit to Obama all the way.  Then limit it to just those people who voted Democrat in the last election. 

4.  The middle class (defined as everyone with a job who actually needs a job to pay their bills) is going to get screwed.  They always get screwed.  They always will get screwed.  Eventually, they will rise up and cast off their chains and throw down their oppressors.  Then they will immediately vote in the same knuckleheads to start oppressing them all over again.

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11 Responses to Rational tax compromise.

  1. Giraffe says:

    The only way to fight liberal policy is to let them apply it, tell people what will happen, and when it happens, say I told you so. Of course that won’t work either, but it is all we have left.

    Basically, we have to go bankrupt because nobody is willing to balance the checkbook. The sad thing is most people are too stupid to learn anything from the coming pain.

  2. AmStrat says:

    I rather liked your idea about $1 in net tax payments (taxes minus any sort of welfare/subsidy with a minimum of zero) = 1 vote. But then again, this isn’t about what would be the best tax policy we can think of, but what is the best thing we can do NOW.

  3. Professor Hale says:

    if history teaches us anything it is that we fail to learn from history.

  4. Professor Hale says:

    amstrat, there is nothing we can do now. There is no fixing this. Bad times are coming. And unlike previous bad times, America no longer has a large Christian majority that can be counted on to willingly help others in need.or that can be counted on to obey laws.

  5. MarkyMark says:

    We don’t have a tax or revenue problem in Washington; we have a SPENDING problem-a massive one! Spending HAS to be cut-end of story…

  6. JN says:

    It’s all part of the plan. Thats why they had to get rid Christian morality. We muck up the works by helping people.

  7. Jim says:

    But more will simply go off the record books as they should.

    You leave out a few things here. Rich are being persecuted as are white men in general. And they will be hunted down and made examples of. The idiotic masses expect and want this. Expect to see more mob looting as well. All while that piece of crap commie bastard pushes it via the media. Hear about his meeting with the media mouths he had the other day? Just from one network though. Care to take a guess?

  8. Mike43 says:

    1. MarkyMark is correct; but in this climate it is irrelevant. Neither party will touch spending. Unless it’s defense. There, both parties, will just declare victory and start whacking the defense budget.

    2. And unfortunately, the Professor is also correct. Given the current climate, bad times are a-coming. And even worse is that lack of social cohesion that he mentions. My friends who own businesses say the biggest challenge is to find an employee who won’t steal from them. And it’s a huge problem. The entitlement mentality is huge.

    Hunker down boys. The storm is coming.

  9. dB says:

    If there ever was a time for a bleach enema to race through DC, now would be good.

  10. Calvin says:

    Actually MarkyMark, you are partially correct. Revenue is down to 16% of GDP from the historic average of about 19% for the past sixty or seventy years, but spending is up to 24% of GDP versus the historic average of about 20%. We definitely have a spending problem, but even if we had held the line of spending we would still be running sizable deficits.

    Professor, I don’ think the Republicans are that set on holding the line on taxes, just on holding the line of marginal tax rates. You can increase revenue by eliminating or capping all sorts of deductions but it has far less adverse economic effect on the economy than raising tax rates. It also has the potential to raise a lot more revenue since most earners in the higher tax brackets (ie those most affected by “pay your fair share” tax rate increases) also have the most deductions. Republicans have actually proposed quite a few options that would increase revenue but the President is demagogue-ing the issue with his soak the rich rhetoric.

  11. Dan says:

    We have a spending problem….the revenue problem was never a problem save for the fact
    that poiticians spend money faster than Imelda Marcos in a shoe store. No matter HOW MUCH
    revenue they recieve they WILL spend more than they recieve. Taxes should not only NOT go up
    they need to come down….A LOT. And spending at the federal level needs to be cut…..by A WHOLE HELLUVALOT.

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