Wayne LaPierre is a Fascist Moron

The leader of the NRA, which proclaims itself as the largest pro-gun advocate in the USA, announced that there should be an armed guard in every school.

Wayne, you ignorant slut.  

Did you just call for increasing the scope of the police state in the USA to now include every school?  Yep.

Did you just recommend an economically unsupportable and totally unnecessary fix to a problem that doesn’t exist?  Yep.

There are plenty of schools that already have armed guards at them.  They are called school resource officers.  They are almost exclusively assigned in inner city (black) schools to help cut down on the rampant crime.  They are inadequate to being everywhere at the same time so they are inadequate at stopping crime or preventing it. We can already prove this.  Black and Hispanic kids get killed at school every day in this country.  But they get killed one at a time by other black and Hispanic kids so it doesn’t matter to anyone.

Police are notoriously bad shots.  Do you really want someone like that spraying their ammo into a classroom full of your children?

It’s bad enough that schools have stupid lock down policies that lock all the victims inside with their killers.

School shootings with mass murder are very rare events and the USA has tens of thousands of schools.  It is economically pointless to hire many tens of thousands of people to sit in a hallway waiting for a statistically minuscule event to happen.

The truth is that children are more likely to be killed in their parent’s car on the way to school than in a mass shooting at school.  Anyone want to take that on?  In fact, there are probably 50 to 70 other ways for kids to die with a higher probability before you get to anything where an armed guard might have helped.

Do we really need to do something stupid just so we can out-stupid the other stupid people?

Face it.  There is nothing you could do to prevent this.  You can’t identify violently insane people until they do something violently insane.  THAT IS THE PROBLEM AND THERE IS NO FIX FOR IT.

The good news is that there might finally be a market for my excess 30 round AR-15 mags.  The price of those has been competing with scrap metal for years.  The gun show in Doswell, VA is this weekend.  Well see.


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9 Responses to Wayne LaPierre is a Fascist Moron

  1. Tarl says:

    Do I hear a government employee complaining about a proposal to spend money and hire more government employees? There’s a first time for everything! Might go poorly for you on your next performance review if your supervisor finds out, though.

    Trillions for Obamacare, trillions for stimulus spending, trillions for the GWOT, and now we’re complaining about chump change for some school security theater? It’s a bit late to start worrying about the economic supportability of anything the gummint does. How much are we spending on airport security, which is much more fascistic, doesn’t solve the problem, and is totally unnecessary? More than armed guards at schools will cost, I have no doubt.

    I don’t know why school security should cost anything. We shouldn’t have to hire new people, but train existing people. This is a cost we can force the teachers and administrators to assume as a condition of employment. They already have to pay for their own education — now they are required to get firearms education, too. Easy! Just mandate that at least some percentage of all teachers must meet the requirements for a concealed carry permit. The real objective is not to provide someone capable of a SWAT-team-like response to an armed attack, but to send the message that schools are not soft targets.

  2. Tarl,

    Thanks for commenting. There is no need for us to fight about this. We are on the same side. I have consistently complained about every usurpation of the rights of the people to be free and every wasteful government program. As A DoD employee I have even said that huge cuts in the military budget would be good for the military. I have also complained about the TSA and all the other things you mentioned. But you are new to my blog so I don’t expect you to know all of that. You can simply take my word for it now.

    THIS POST IS ABOUT WAYNE LAPIERRE, using his position as head of the NRA to lobby for an increase in the police state when a majority of the dues-paying members of his organisation are specifically afraid of the growth of the police state.

    As for school security, I think that every school system is just fine deciding for themselves how much security is enough. Those with high crime rates need more than those in rural (aka “white”) areas. And we should NEVER create government policy to fix the events that statistically never happen. Mass school shootings cannot be avoided no matter how draconian you get. This is basic game theory. This is Sun Tzu. This is instantly recognizable strategy to anyone who knows anything about strategy. There are always weak points in any defense. So you get an armed guard at every school. Then the armed mass murdering psychopath just knows he needs to cap that guy first. But in all likelihood it won’t be a guy. It will be an overweight 50 year old black woman, whose arms are too short to wipe her own ass. It will be a government jobs program, not a child protection program. BTW, that is exactly what sort of security I have in my building. If the terrorists really wanted to go hunting in my building, there is NOTHING stopping them. And it doesn’t bother me being an unarmed victim, because I know where I can get a gun easily. I just let the armed guard carry it around for me on a day to day basis.

    If you really want to protect your kids, do it yourself.

  3. heresolong says:

    Can’t remember the exact numbers but I think it was along the lines of 21 mass shooting school victims every year, the number of schools in the US being along the lines of 150,000, the average school is going to have a person killed every 6,000 years or so. Pretty good odds. Just that when it happens it is so horrific and so over-publicized by the media that it seems like it happens more often.

    Lapierre is completely wrong in this case and I don’t know why the folks at the NRA even thought this was a good idea.

  4. Tarl says:

    THIS POST IS ABOUT WAYNE LAPIERRE, using his position as head of the NRA to lobby for an increase in the police state when a majority of the dues-paying members of his organisation are specifically afraid of the growth of the police state.

    His goal is to avert a fascist gun grab. He wants to keep guns in the hands of private citizens – that is the opposite of fascism and the opposite of a police state. I totally agree that a guard in every school is bad policy and won’t solve the problem. I have no doubt Wayne LaPierre knows that, too. Wayne’s problem is that politically the Left is screaming “do something!” and he can’t fight that with “do nothing, because these atrocities are statistically insignificant.” He had to come up with a non-gun-banning suggestion and that is why he and the NRA came up with what they did.

    If you have a better idea that is not “do nothing”, let’s all write to the NRA and tell them what it is.

  5. A better idea. OK. Here are some:

    The National Rifle Association is America’s foremost advocate of gun safety and the responsible use of firearms for hunting, shooting sports and self defense. We abhor all acts of senseless gun violence, just as any sane person would. The people who do shoot children are not sane and we respect other organizations like the American Medical Association to advocate for policies to help them. Further, we endorse other organizations opinions about what to do with criminals who use guns in irresponsible ways. But this particular indecent was not in any way related to gun safety or the responsible use of firearms so we have no comment.


    The National Rifle Association is heartbroken with grief every time a child is killed in the USA. And it happens all too often in places like Detroit, Chicago, and DC. But as a matter of policy we do not comment on the tragic death of every American who dies violently. It would take a cold-hearted, crass, and cynical person to manipulate such an event for personal or political gain. We are not that sort of people.


    We at the National Rifle Association recommend putting a qualified gun safety instructor, (certified by the NRA), in every school and that every school should have an NRA certified small caliber shooting range. This will help take the mystery out of guns and give children a healthy respect for gun safety.

    That wasn’t hard and every one of those ideas is superior to what LaPierre suggested.

  6. Tarl says:

    The first two are “do nothing” suggestions — not gonna fly.

    Third one at least suggests doing something, but is a non-starter politically (hey let’s respond to a school shooting by teaching more kids about guns!). Don’t really see it as superior to what Wayne suggested.

  7. They are “do nothing” because doing nothing is the right answer. But also every organisation has a chartered purpose and they should stay in their lane. The NRA is a gun safety organization. That is their lane. Advocating for more police or redistributing police is NOT THEIR LANE. You may as well ask Exxon what they are going to do about increased meth use by people named Tarl.

    And do nothing is “going to fly” since it has been “flying” easily for the past 20 years.

    Teaching kids about guns makes them safer when they handle guns. That has a direct benefit of fewer accidental shootings every year. That is a MUCH bigger problem than a few statistically insignificant mass shootings. But the point of this whole discussion is to eventually disarm Americans by any means necessary. And the discussion isn’t over until that goal is achieved. It doesn’t matter that most Americans are fine with the way things are or that our government is specifically forbidden from passing such laws.

  8. Well someone pointed out on Vox’s:

    MYSELF: Clearly something must be done. These murders would never have happened if we had compulsory conversion to Christianity. Christianity teaches peace, non-violence, and love of one’s neighbor. We must make it the state religion, and every American must be required to be a Christian.

    LEFTIST: (sputtering in fury) But, but, the separation of church and state!!

    MYSELF: What about it? We both agree that something MUST be done. People are DYING, remember? You said so yourself. In times of peril, clearly we must ignore the separation of church and state. Lives are on the line.

    LEFTIST: But, but, the Constitution! The bill of rights! What you’re saying is unconstitutional!

    MYSELF: So is everything you’re saying, and everything you’ve been saying for decades. Do we have law or not?

    Which Vox tweeted:

    I’d pay to see that seriously advocated in the news just to watch heads explode on TV.

  9. Φ says:

    Do nothing is going to fly since it has been flying easily for the past 20 years.

    I would put the probability of addition gun control legislation this year at 30%. In other words, the odds are against it because the GOP controls the House and the NRA dominates the GOP.

    I would put the probability of Obama usurping the legislature on this issue, as he has done on countless other issues, at 60%. I have no doubt his lawyers are quite busy calculating what they can get away with.

    I would put the probability of anybody detecting an increase in the percentage of schools with a police presence at 3%.

    Tarl is right: LaPierre is trying to buy us breathing room, nothing more.

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