Gun show Doswell VA. Liveblogging

I’m at the Doswell, VA gun show this morning.  it is one of the smaller gun shows but it is growing and I like to support that growing.

Sign at the front door:  we have AR and AK magazines.


It is very well attended and they are growing into their space nicely.

update: There’s a guy selling emergency rations. Made In 2007. Already near the end of their shelf life.

Gun selection is slIm and the ammo and reloading guys didn’t even show up.

update2: only one ammo guy here and he didn’t bring much inventory. Already sold out of 223 and 7.62×39 (ak ammo). He told me he only only showed because the show promoter begged him.

update final: I’d like to support this show but they don’t have anything for me to buy. I’d be better off continuing down to the north side of Richmond and visiting green top or bass pro. Maybe I’ll buy some beef jerky from the jerky guy and then call it a day.

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One Response to Gun show Doswell VA. Liveblogging

  1. heresolong says:

    We have “that” gun show up here a couple times a year. I’ve never bought a single thing there because there is nothing worth buying. Someone must be selling something though, because they keep putting it on.

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