More Guns in the News

Just catching up on my Gun-related news.

1.  The Nation’s Gun show is in Chantilly, Virginia this weekend, December 28, 29, and 30.  It’s the largest in Virginia with 1000 tables and everything you would want.  Get it while it’s hot.  I’ll probably go on Saturday.

2.  Much is being made about an NBC news anchor possessing a 30 round AR-15 magazine in violation of DC’s draconian, illegal, and non-sensical anti-gun laws.  He won’t go to jail for his crime.  He is a liberal and he only had the magazine as a prop to further the left’s gun control agenda.  This isn’t a big deal.  hypocrisy isn’t a sin for the left.  You can’t be a hypocrite if you have no objective standard of morality in the first place.   But speaking on behalf of us gun-toters, I would like to say that I am in favor of DC neglecting enforcement of this law.  I only regret that there is a near zero percent chance they will also neglect to enforce it the next time some yokel from Kansas, bringing his family on a sightseeing trip to the DC monuments and accidentally brings a gun, magazine, or ammunition into the District.

3.  A major newspaper of the Gannet chain published the home addresses of those people who have permits to own a handgun.  The arguments are facing off between privacy advocates and anti-gun advocates.  This isn’t a privacy case.  This is a case of deliberate and malicious harassment of a large group of citizens.  Such cases of printing names of opposition are ALWAYS malicious harassment.  This should be a slam dunk civil case against Gannet.  But the courts in NY don’t like gun owners and from their point of view, a good political motive is more important than the clear understanding of the law and 200 years of legal tradition.  But the real problem is:  Why do the people of NY state need anyone’s permission to have a gun in the first place, when doing so is an enumerated Constitutional right?  If people didn’t need permits, then the government wouldn’t have records of who had the guns.  Then the Gannet Corporation could not have gained access to those records.  Problem averted.

4.  I am just thankful that anti-gun Nazis know so little about guns since none of them have any or have any military experience.  Otherwise those speed loaders would be on the naughty list too.

5.  Piers Morgan, is apparently on a work visa in the USA.  Why?  Is being an overpaid talking head on a “news” program one of those jobs Americans won’t do?  Does ANYONE really want to advance the argument that he has some unique or special skill that could not be instantly replaced by at least half of the people currently unemployed in this country?  Aren’t there thousands of unemployed people with journalism and communications degrees from some of the best journalism and communications programs in the country?  They have student loans to pay and that tip jar at starbucks gets split 12 ways.  While we are at it, we should probably look at all those pretentious “English” accented voices on NPR and send them home too.

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3 Responses to More Guns in the News

  1. Jim says:

    Still think the left is going to play fair? That eventually people who do not agree with their agenda can live peacefully with them? These people are the definition of evil.

  2. Not at all. I don’t expect or require anyone to play fair. it see it as a sign of maturity that people recognize that nothing in life is fair and that when people institute laws to make things fair they invariably do so to benefit one group at the expense of another.

  3. Giraffe says:

    4. I am just thankful that anti-gun Nazis know so little about guns since none of them have any or have any military experience.

    Also, if they do impose some ban, I hope it is based on the same ignorance that the last one was so that it doesn’t actually affect me. Like I need a bayonet lug.

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