Chantilly Gun Show Update

Its the last day of the Chantilly, VA gun show.  Here is what I saw.

1.  OMG, Huge crowds, even late in the day on Sunday.

2.  AR-15 magazines going for $25-30.  Just two weeks ago, there were selling for $8.

3.  Normally, this gun show would have hundreds of AR-15s laid out for sale.  I saw fewer than ten.  And the prices had doubled.  A no frills carbine was showing at over $2,000.

4.  Ammo in “assault rifle” sizes was mostly sold out.

5.  The reloading supplies guys were all out of .223 bullets in all sizes.

6.  “News” reporters were there.  No sane individual should ever talk to news reporters.  But there are still people who think they need to get their side of the story out.  Bad idea.  They are still going to look like a racist, crazy, criminal by the second sound bite.  The one I saw was interviewing some guy while the photographer behind him was getting a closeup of the sign that said words to the effect of “gun for sale”.  He was one of the hand full of people trying to sell his guns in a private sale and a prime example of the “gun show loophole” we are always hearing about.  It seems obvious to me that by the evening news that guys was going to be portrayed as specifically looking to sell his guns to a convicted felon or a someone who wanted to shoot a classroom of 6-year olds and he just didn’t care as long as he made an extra $25 bucks.

Thanks, dumbass gun control Nazis.  Doing more to put guns into private hands than anything the NRA has done in a long time.

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