Kydex Brass Catcher Requirements

This is what a Brass Catcher should do:

1.  Catch the brass, so you don’t get hit by it, so it doesn’t hit other shooters, and so you don’t have to pick it up or hunt in the grass for it.

2.  It should not fall off during normal operation of the weapon.  I don’t like the velcro attachment techniques since they never seem to hold securely.  Attaching to the unused parts of the rail works nicely.  I wonder why the AR accessory guys don’t make those that way.

3.  If you want to take it off, it should come off easily.

4.  It should not interfere with the normal operation of the weapon or any of its features. 

5.  It should be constructed of a soft material that won’t catch fire, melt from hot brass or be so brittle that it fractures from brass impacting it.


But I have just learned that they make Kydex in clear.  That allows you to check the chamber without removing the catcher and easily see if it is jammed.

I can see there might be a V 2.0 in the near future.


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4 Responses to Kydex Brass Catcher Requirements

  1. Giraffe says:

    So, have you used your new brass catcher?

    I have one of the stupid netting held on by velcro types. It caused jams by not allowing the spent brass to clear the port. And didn’t stay on very well.

  2. I had the same one with the same problem

    I haven’t tested the new one yet. I might take it to the nra range this weekend if quantico is still closed.

  3. heresolong says:

    Answer to number 2: Because they look ghey and AR guys are into making cool stuff. How hard is it to pick up your brass and are there really other shooters so close to you at your range that your brass is hitting them? If so, you need a bigger range.

  4. Tell it to the USMC, and the NRA. Yes, they are that close. Further, there is a sound operational reason to not litter the battlefield with spend casings: Al-quada will reload them and use them against us. Leave nothing behind but your enemy dead (after you take pictures of them).

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