Mass Shooting Patterns

It is a very common pattern in the case of mass shootings that the shooter kills himself.  It is often unclear if the shooter intended to do that from the beginning.

But I now question if that is indeed the pattern.

Alternative explanation:  What we may be seeing in in fact a police execution of people who had their fun and then surrendured to police.  But the responding officer was not going to play that game.  Then calling it a suicide ensures that there is no career damaging mess or fuss for the officer. 

I would expect a suicidal mad rush or blaze of glory type of assault against the responding police, followed by the police launching 150 rounds, 2 of which strike the shooter (non-fatally).  Lots of people survive getting shot by police.  But not these guys.

I would also expect the shooter to give up when it became obvious that he wasn’t going to win, and then to depend on the system that has always coddled him to continue to help him out.

The frequency of murder-suicide is too often to be credible to me.

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4 Responses to Mass Shooting Patterns

  1. John says:

    Or the deed is done by “someone else” as well …

  2. Jim says:

    Remember the Hollywood bank robbery? Those two died, one via the police and the other via his own hands. It was all or nothing for them. Can’t say for sure if the loons going on sprees are suicidal, but they definitely are misfits in this society.

  3. doomfinger says:

    Interesting question. I don’t know the big picture, but in the case of a friend who died in a spree killing, the shooter committed suicide just as the police arrived. There were a lot of witnesses.

  4. heresolong says:

    I don’t think they want to get caught. Being dragged in front of a jury and exposed for the loser that you are doesn’t fit the meme that you are so much more powerful than society. I think they commit suicide specifically to avoid being wounded and captured. Going out in a blaze of glory with a mad suicide rush doesn’t guarantee that death.

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