Illinois Envies California’s role as Village Idiot.

I already specifically look for the label “not legal in California” before I buy a firearm.  If it’s legal in California, I don’t really want it.  Now Illinois is jumping under the bandwagon.

For the sake of expediency, I’m quoting from the NRA-ILA web site, verbatim:

It is imperative that you contact your state Senator IMMEDIATELY to express your opposition to House Bills 815 and 1263 and any additional anti-gun amendments.

WHY?  Is it possible that your state senator has completely forgotten about the last twenty times you IMMEDIATELY CONTACTED HIM TO EXPRESS YOUR OPPOSITION?   Is it possible they think, “this time, I’ll get it through because no one is looking”? 

Gun guys in Illinois:  If you care about your rights to own guns, you need to kick these guys out of office.  Stop voting them back in. If you have to constantly remind them that “this time you are watching them”, then you really don’t trust them to do the right thing and they have no business being in office.  Stop pretending you can still be conservative in the democratic party.  (not much help in teh repiblican party either).  But for now, just adopt a policy of a gun rights litmus test.  If your state senator or representative wants to vote for this, regardless of their party affiliation, vote them out.

Further, haven’t the rest of us learned yet that telling your congressmen your opinion may have worked 10 years ago, but our betters in public office know what’s good for us today.  We got Obamacare no matter how many cards, letters and emails we sent.  70% of Americans were against it.  Way over half were strongly against it.  We got it anyway.  In vote after vote in state referenda, people voted against gay marriage in numbers that were not even close.  But a small number of judges and elected officials imposed it anyway.  The American people overwhelmingly do not want amnesty in any form for illegal aliens in this country, but our political class is convinced that comprehensive reform is needed and the Obama administration started applying it in violation of existing law.


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One Response to Illinois Envies California’s role as Village Idiot.

  1. maxsnafu says:

    We get affirmative action even though a majority opposes it. Same with immigration. We live in a soft dictatorship.

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