Current Events, 11 Jan 2013

1.  Al Gore has got to be the luckiest turnip that ever fell off the turnip truck.  The guy is really dumber than a box of hammers.  If anyone else had tried to sell indulgences for an imaginary crisis, they would simply be laughed at.  They would certainly be jailed before their profits reached the $1 million mark.  But Gore is going to sell his interest in Current TV for over a $100 million.  Given that Current TV has almost no revenue, no “Talent”, no proprietary technology, no capital resources that can’t be easily replaced at much less cost, and no market share, Just what exactly is Al-Jezeera buying for all that money?   Hmmm.

2.  The Russian Federation has recently passed a law banning Americans from adopting Russian children.  Now Russia’s unwanted turnip-heads will have to grow up in squalid state run Russian orphanariums until they are old enough to join the Russian mafia, get sold into sex slavery or die of natural causes (neglect) at the age of 10.  That’ll show those Americans who is boss.

3.  In all the recent hubbub about gun control, I have been hearing the oft repeated term that there is some benefit to keeping guns out of the hands of criminals and crazy people.  In theory, I naturally would certainly like to disarm everyone who isn’t on a friendly basis with me.  but i don’t want them to have the ability to disarm me.  Looking back, every gun control measure in the nation has been spectacularly unsuccessful at disarming either criminals or crazy people.  The only purpose seems to be to disarm people who are neither criminals nor crazy.  Why would anyone want that?  I don’t want that.  Further, not all criminals and crazy people are alike.  How crazy does one need to be in order to lose their right to self-preservation?  How many parking tickets should be sufficient to qualify you as no longer entitled to free speech or freedom from religion?  it seems the only safe course is to follow what has worked in the past:  When a person reaches the point where he or she is no longer competent to manage his own affairs and needs a conservator or institutional care (court ordered), then due process has been served and that person looses pretty much ALL of their constitutional rights.  But their conservator exercises those rights on their behalf.  In the absence of such determination:  Guns for all.

4.  BTW, that same logic works on airplanes too.  Why let the terrorists be the only ones with weapons?  Let the words “Allahu-Akbar” become a non-habit forming proclamation of instant suicide.  The purpose of “air marshals” should be simply to be the designated guy to yell, “cease fire”.  More of a range safety officer than a law enforcement officer.  And that stupid seatbelt briefing that no one listens to any more could be replaced with an announcement of where not to shoot (vulnerable airplane parts).  I would be OK with a maximum caliber restriction.  Most pistol ammo would be fine but we don’t need anything exotic over-penetrating or going through multiple people.  Boarding would be assigned based on a zone defense so gun-toters would be spread out and the airlines could assign each a sector of fire, similar to assigning duties to people in exit rows. 

5.  The Flu season seems like it is getting more than its share of hype this year.  it seems not enough people are buying their vaccines.  Too many people want the protection of the herd without submitting to the herd behaviors that might get them killed by predators.  I believe it is all hype this time, just like it was the last ten times the news media told me there was some sort of pandemic that was going to kill everyone… but then didn’t.  I ride a packed commuter train all the time.  I don’t see many people coughing and running fevers.  No one is away from work due to sickness.  And none of the stories are actually telling us now many people are really sick.  Just telling us “lots”.   The data are also clouded by attributing deaths to the flu that are really by other direct causes.  An old guy with heart problem.  his heart finally fails.  But he had a slight fever and cough when he died.  Did flu kill him?   Of was if 73 years of smoking, drinking, and eating foods that were grown by people with third world sanitation practices?  

6.  Why are there still charities to produce printed Bibles to distribute to far away Godless areas of the world?  Didn’t past missionaries actually touch all those areas about a hundred years ago?  Aren’t there already Christians living in those countries who already speak the local dialect because they are from there? (possibly excepting Islamic countries).  Doesn’t every country on the planet already have internet access?  Can’t all those people already download as many digital copies of the Bible as they want FREE? (data rates may apply).  And once downloaded, be reproduced for FREE and distributed to anyone who has a USB flash memory device?  Doesn’t almost every country already have smart phone technology that should make the transmission of Bibles FREE and undetectable and Unstoppable by local authorities?  So why are we still treating the planet like it is still 1905 and if an English-speaking missionary doesn’t carry a box of bibles printed on dead trees to a far away place, it doesn’t count?

7.  An added measure that normally comes up in gun control discussions is to rise the penalties on people who use guns to commit crimes.  Again, proven totally ineffective.  Criminals will use a gun to commit the crime any time they think that the use of a gun will help them achieve their criminal intent.  The only laws that should be written anywhere in the boundaries of a state that is home to rational people ought to be crimes that have penalties for an effect that is caused.  If you take something that is not yours, you committed a crime.  Using a gun did not make the crime worse.  Nor was the crime worse because the person your robbed was Hindu.  Nor was it worse because you called him a “stinking Hindu” before you robbed him.  The act is all that is important and all that should be punished.  if you shoot someone while committing a crime, it doesn’t matter that you were committing another crime.  Shooting someone and causing them harm is a crime all by itself.  Just as causing the same about of harm by other means (Bullet-shaped high heals driven into the skull by a hammer?).  It is the criminal action that is important.  Not the criminal intent or the tools used by the criminal.

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6 Responses to Current Events, 11 Jan 2013

  1. Calvin A says:

    On the last point, didn’t Project Exile reduce violent crime? If I remember correctly it was pretty significant in the Virginia area at reducing the number of criminals with guns and it should then follow that it reduced the number of criminals shooting people. I understand it won’t stop someone who goes out with the intent of shooting someone, but if you are just robbing a convenience store and you can do it with something less lethal, seems like that should help.

  2. Giraffe says:

    Re the flu, it has killed almost 30 in my neighboring state. Yes, most were probably old, but not all. Considering getting a flu shot.

  3. Giraffe, The flu kills thousands every year. 30 in a whole state? Piffle.

  4. Calvin. Exile is credited with cutting crime. But that is because every hair-brained political action takes credit for anything good that happens even if it is totally unrelated. There has been a twenty year statistical decline in crime all over the country, without regard to if a Exile-type law exists or not. The largest single factor that can be shown to reduce crime rates is bigger jails. It isn’t the threat of longer jail terms that reduces crime. It is the fact that more criminal are locked up and while they are, they aren’t committing crimes. As soon as they get out, most will go right back to it. You can achieve the same goal by making every violent crime, independent of the use of a gun, a life sentence. Beat up an old man and steal his wallet? off the streets forever.

  5. Anonymous says:

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  6. jessica says:

    it is the most useless site ever

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