Why Bing SUCKS monkey balls.

You may not know this, but Microsoft sponsored it’s own Google.  They call it Bing and try to install it on your browser with every software update you get from them.  Something about revenues.

Here is why I don’t use it…EVER


The whole first page of results for a search for “Itunes download” does not include a single link to Apple.

Meanwhile, same search at Google:


Which one seems to be deliberately wasting my time?

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11 Responses to Why Bing SUCKS monkey balls.

  1. jbaee says:

    You’re searching the MSN website with Bing, and the entire web with Google. Maybe you should try searching the web with Bing, see what you find.

  2. Or I could pretend that Bing doesnt exist and get better results.

  3. ShinyMan says:

    lol. Kudos to jbaee

  4. Anonymous says:

    Bing blows goats.

  5. Bing is making all these commercials why there better, it would be nice if they actually told us WHY ists so much better than google! My point is bing doesnt even scratch the bottom of the barrel when compared to google!Google has less malware!

  6. Sofa King Chill says:

    Neither Wayne Gretsky, Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods, nor Google ever go on on TV to say that their better at what they do. You know why? Because its f*cking obvious. Anytime you hear someone publicly announcing how they’re better at something, it’s a strong sign that they actually suck. Bing sucks big hairy monkey balls. Anyone with an IQ higher than their shoe size will work that out in the first 10 minutes of using it.

  7. Thanks for visiting SKC

  8. Anonymous says:

    if sucking balls had a country, BING would be it lizard king.

  9. Hydrasaur says:

    Bing sucks huge fat (blah blah blah other words I am not supposed to say) Monkey balls. They modify the search results in the bing it on challenge to make it LOOK like they are better than google. And, as shown by tests preformed by multiple internet users that I read about, when you search suicide on google and bing, you get the number for a national sucide prevention hotline, and google won’t even auto-finish the sentence for you. Bing tells you how to commit it easily, and they auto finish it for you. Gee, I wonder which one I will use, the one that tries to prevent me from wanting to commit suicide, should I actually decide I want to commit it, or the one that appearently could not care less if I kill myself?

  10. Anonymous says:


  11. Bruce Mac says:


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