Answers to stupid questions:

Q:  Why would anyone need a 100 round clip?


A1:  To load his 100 round magazine faster.

A2:  As an inventory control measure.

A3:  Why would anyone need to tell me what I should or should not need when the outcome has zero impact on them in any way?


Add your own.

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10 Responses to Answers to stupid questions:

  1. AmStrat says:

    Because when you have a 30-round magazine, it’s always the 31st “zombie” (read: looter) that gets you.

  2. Jack Schitz says:

    1. Why would someone need over 100 cable channels particularly given that the obesity epidemic in this country, which kills tens of thousands of kids every year, is primarily as a result of childhood inactivity? We need to eliminate most of these channels (including CNN, MSNBC, CBS, ABC and NBC) for “the children”. (HAHA – proud of myself on that one. You want to take away my 2A rights …. let’s see how the talking heads respond to their 1A based livelihoods being taken away). Oh wait there’s more —– “Well Mr. Morgan I understand and agree with your views that the Founders never envisioned anything more than flintlock muskets and so that is what the 2nd Amendment shall be limited to. Accordingly, the Founders never envisioned radio, television, cable TV or the internet, so freedom of the press under the 1st Amendment shall from this day forward be limited to what can be produced on single sheet printing presses. Your show is hereby permanently canceled and you are hereby ordered to board the first available sailing ship back to England. Good day.”

    2. Why would you need a car that can go over 100 miles an hour when the speed limit in most places is 65 or under? Can’t you see how many deaths you are causing? It’s for “the children” don’t you know……

    Oh I could go on all night…..


  3. AmStrat says:

    Hey, Jack? Occasionally, when I don’t know something, but I comment anyway, the responder tells me I don’t know Jack Schitz… I’m assuming they are referring to you. Wanna be friends? Apparently, if I know you, I’m right on everything.

  4. Jack Schitz says:


    Yes you are quite correct. “They” are referring to me. Consider this a proper introduction and please use your new found power wisely.


  5. DoubleMindedMan says:

    100 round magazines are far more eco friendly than are 30 round magazines. They use only slightly more energy to produce than a single 30 round, as well as less material than the 3 30 rounders would need (not to mention the additional 10 rd that would need to equal the same capacity)

    Its really about preserving resources and limiting our carbon footprint so as to ensure a better world for our children.

  6. Dmm. You answered the wrong question. This was about hundred round CLIPS. Hundred round magazines have obvious uses. No need to defend them.

  7. Jim says:

    What’s a clip?

  8. A clip is a metal or plastic devoce that holds catridges in a set configuration or amount and shaped to mate with a magazine. The purpise is to enable the fast reloading of a magazine whether that magazine is detachable (m16) or internal (m1 garand).

  9. TDOM says:

    I don’t need a 100 rd clip. When I want to reload my magazine I am patient enough to wait for next month’s issue to be delivered… Oh wait, wrong kind of magazine, sorry.

  10. DrW says:

    Why would anyone need two or more cars?

    Why would anyone need two or more pairs of shoes?

    Why would anyone need Internet speeds faster than 1.5 Mb/sec?


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