Ask me anything

All the cool kids are doing it.

I’m way smarter than most people (not that hard when you think about it, Obama DID get re-elected).  It just isn’t fair for me to keep all these deep thouoghts to myself.

So go ahead.  Axe me something.

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24 Responses to Ask me anything

  1. MadPiper says:

    Since you are way smarter than most people (I’m envious), why do you seem to care what the cool kids are doing?

  2. Og says:

    Why is there so much mineral salt on the planet? There is no actual need for it, and all the deposits on land come from dehydrated oceans. So why salt water, and why is salt so important? There also doesn’t seem to be any mechanism for GETTING the water salty either. Is the Earth God’s salt shaker? Why isn’t the planet on a low sodium diet?

  3. Ras Al Ghul says:


  4. The cool kids are closer to the trends than I am. Not that they are setting the trends, but they at least pay attention to them and see them before I do. And this particular trend is a good one. No harm being done to anyone. No money changing hands. None of the wrong sort of trouble.

  5. Og, I know you are just trolling to show me up since you are also way smarter than most people. i suspect the answer has something to do with the transmission of electrical signals in the body. Pure water is a poor conductor. But salt water works pretty well. Mercury on the other hand is too thick to get through capilaries. God put a lot of it on the planet just to make sure that enough of it would rub off on us and permit our nerve signals to transmit properly.

  6. I actually know this answer. It is way too dangerous to put on the internet where just anyone might see it.

  7. Ras Al Ghul says:

    I was asking you a more generalized “Why?”

  8. Ame says:

    As a dad … what do you think are some of the most important things you have done. What would you say/advise a new dad?

    Also … how would you advise a mom to teach their children regarding their dad and men.

  9. The most important thing I have done is the creation of my child. Both in the genetic contribution and in the physical support and intellectual guidance I have given her. I have always tried to ensure that she did not have to learn life’s hard lessons by trial and error when so many generations before her already know those answers. Staying in my marriage so that I could be there for her was important and the results prove I was right to do that. I say with only a little bit of hubris that the world is a better place because I was able to pass along the good parts of me into another generation.

    Nothing else in my life even comes close.

    Advice to parents: Teach your children to become adults. Let them experience your adult life through you. Talk to them with your adult voice and adult vocabulary. Expose them to your adult friends and let them participate in adult conversation. Every child should be homeschooled at least through 6th grade. By then they will be so far ahead of their public school “peers” that it won’t matter how or where they finish their mandatory 12 years of “education”. If you don’t think you are smart enough to teach a 6th grader, you should not be having kids. Get your tubes tied. If you don’t have the patience to be around your OWN children until they are 12 years old, then don’t have them. Snip-snip. There are lots of things your children need to know that the public education system won’t teach them. Don’t neglect those things. Basic economics. How to do things like pay an electric bill. How to get a credit card. How to manage a checking accoount. How to keep their car working. And how to be skeptical of the claims by experts who want to control them.

    Finally, teach them that Christianity is important. Important to Western civilization as we know it, but more, important to them personally. It is not good enough that they were born into a Christian home in a nominally Christian country. They need to understand what it is all about and what it is all for. Then they need to choose it for themselves. Not to please you, to please their girl friend, or because all their friends are doing it.

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  11. doomfinger says:

    Why was Carter elected? Well, explain yourself!
    I asked my dad that the other day. He just sighed and said “I don’t… know.”

  12. doomfinger says:

    But on a serious note, where’s the best place to buy a heat shield for a shotgun?

  13. Carter was elected as national pennence for electing Richard Nixon. Not that Nixon was all that bad, but after he resigned and left office, the nation thought that the republican party needed to be punished some more, and the rest of us along with them. Nixon’s greatest contribution was of course his rabid anti-communist policies, something the left could never tolerate or forgive. The American voters believed that Carter would be an honorable Christian boy from the South.

  14. I’m guessing you already tried google? Midway?

    What is the make and model of your shotgun? Do you already have any other aftermarket attachments?

    no one really NEEDS a heat shield for a shotgun. A real hunter only needs one round and never takes more than his limit. so heating is never a problem.

  15. doomdigit says:

    Thanks. Guess my cousin just bought one from Cabelas. He wanted it for decoration.

  16. Ame says:

    Carter as president? … so my husband can say, “Anything can happen in America. A peanut farmer became president.”

  17. doomfinger says:

    “President Carter followed every word of the mission commanders’ and was clearly reassured with what they had to say. Every now and then, a member of the White House team would interrupt the speaker and ask for clarification of a point or detail. One of the questions put forward asked whether Delta were really going to kill the Iranian guards in the embassy compound. The answer was ‘yes’. This shocked some of the people in the room, however most knew it was the only way that an operation like this could succeed.”

    Chariots of the Damned, 74-75

    Contrast with:

    “Widely circulated rumors in May 1980 claimed that President Carter had tried to mail a poisonous snake to kill the American hostages so that he could use their deaths as a pretext for military invasion.”

    The KGB and Soviet Disinformation: An Insider’s View, 123.

  18. Og says:

    Hale: That’s not the case at all. I ask everyone that question, eventually. I’d really like to know the answer. I expect it will be revealed to me when I meet the Creator.

  19. Whatever. When the Creator tell you the same thing, you will remember that I told you first.

  20. Og says:

    the amount of sodium chloride required for the whole human race to move electricity around their bodies would fit in a shoebox.

  21. Og says:

    God will be laughing at us both, trust me on this. When we find out, we’ll both go Ohhhhh! nd then feel like serious dumbasses.

    Just before the guards throw us out.

  22. The real mystery is why all the animals need it, but it is poison to all the plants. Didn’t they all come from the same “soup”? But I guess that is a questionn for evolutionists, since that is their explanation.

  23. Og says:

    Only some plants, too. And why does it make a snail dissolve/ Will we eventually encounter a race of huge sentient snails, and have to spray ocean water at them to subdue them?

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