Lance Armstrong, etc

Big Freaking shock.  Lance Armstrong WAS doping.


Still don’t care.  I didn’t care when he was doing it and denying it and I still don’t care now that he is admitting to it but no longer doing it.  I also wouldn’t care if he were using recreational drugs. 

1.  I think all sorts of sports venues are all about proving who is best.  Best usually means that he has some unfair advantage.  If it were a fair advantage, then the outcome of the event would be totally random chance and the Olympic contestants would be drawn by lot.

2.  L.A.  should be selected as the US Olympic Team coach.  The guy gets results and proves that he is willing to sacrifice anything to win.  That is the sort of thing America used to be known for. 

3.  There is no combination of drugs or dopes that would ever allow me to beat L.A. in any sport on his worst day. 

4.  He still won the Tour deFrance multiple times and no one can take that away from him.  OK.  It seems they can take that away from him.  But L.A. is the only reason anyone cares about the Tour.  Until he started winning it, they couldn’t even get news coverage of the event.

5.  Now he is in big trouble with the US Anti-Doping committee.  Why does the USA even have such a thing?  Disband them immediately and send them all home.

6.  L.A. will now be cleaned out financially in lawsuits from all those people he won law suits against.  Self inflicted.  He should never have tried to defend his honor and good name by perjuring himself in court.  He should have taken the Hillery defense:  “Congressman, I don’t recall the details of those cattle futures transactions”.  There will be more people wanting a claim on his money than he ever had money to pay with.  Good thing he has a rich Girl Friend.

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3 Responses to Lance Armstrong, etc

  1. heresolong says:

    I started watching the Tour because of LA. I had never even watched a bicycle race other than in the movie American Flyers before that. Still watch it every year. They can’t take that away from him.

  2. Tarl says:

    The real question is, come on, was anyone in the Tour de France NOT doping? Was this a contest of cheaters? If everyone is doping then the playing field was level, and LA’s wins were meaningful in spite of his doping.

  3. The Playing field isn’t level. It is never level. The idea that it ever can be level is a farce. The guys who win are genetically superior to begin with. Then they spend years honing that ability instead of doing all those things the rest of us do like getting a job and raising our kids. Similarly, short white guys need not apply to the NFL and NBA. The field IS NOT LEVEL. The referrees just get to decide which factors they can favor and which they can exclude. If my genetically superior mind can devise a chemical to replace the one the star athletes have naturally, then I am a fraud? If I can replace a lifetime of training with dietary suppliments I’m cheating? if I can create a device that would allow me to upload directly to my brain a new operating system that lets my brain control my muscles more efficiently than God intended for me then nothing I do with that knowledge is legitimate?

    Stupid, stupid sports.

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