Background checks

As I was listening to Presbo blather on about gun control and why we need an airtight national background check system for all gun sales and transfers, the thought occurred to me.

If someone is so dangerous that we don’t want them to have a gun, and we know his name, why the f*ck are we letting him roam the streets? 

The background check is effective only in direct relationship to how the criminal justice system is Ineffective.  Likewise for people who are insane.  If we know they are insane and are dangerous, why are we letting them go shopping for handbags, let alone guns, knives, gardening tools and cars?

The rate of violent crimes in the country has been dropping dramatically for the past twenty years because we are locking criminals away and not letting them out until they are old men.

But who am I kidding?  Gun control isn’t about reducing crime or saving lives.  It is about what it has ALWAYS been about.  It is about keeping the peasants in line.  Only the Samurai can have weapons.  Only the king and his vassals.  Only the politburo and the People’s Army and police forces that do their bidding.  Only the Stassi. 

Fundamentally transform America, Indeed.

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8 Responses to Background checks

  1. Giraffe says:

    If someone is so dangerous that we don’t want them to have a gun, and we know his name, why the f*ck are we letting him roam the streets?

    Because they are easy targets.

    As an example, a guy I know has 3 DIU’s in 10 years. In this state that’s a felony. He now can’t buy a gun. I think he’s learned his lesson regarding drunk driving, and he wasn’t going to shoot anybody. But who’s going to stand up for the felons?

  2. There are organizations that work on restoring voting rights to convicted felons.

    If you can’t trust him with a drink, then he should be prevented from buying alcohol. The only people would would be dangerous with guns are people who are known to be criminally dangerous. In most communities, we already know who they are. By Name.

    But I think that the lists need to be burned. I am not convinced that a man with a criminal background no longer needs to worry about his self preservation. In fact, the opposite may be true. Having lived with dangerous people in prison, such a man may have an even greater need for personal firearms. That need, coupled with his GOD-GIVEN right to self preservation, is a compelling enough argument that he should not be denied.

    Lock up the criminals if they are too dangerous to trust with a gun. If you claim such a person is too dangerous to have a gun, you must accept that they are also too dangerous to be running around free.
    Lock up the pedofile if you can’t trust them to be out of prison without being on a sex offender list. Do we tell sex offenders tha they are forbidden from owning or renting a private residence, since they would use it possibly to commit further acts of crime? No. We expect them to comply with the law no matter what tools are available to them.

    It’s the people. Not the tool.

  3. Tarl says:

    Most of these spree killers had no record that a background check would detect, right?

  4. Its hard to know. We only know what the news media chooses to tell us. And they are not on our side. And they have proven over and over that they just make shit up when they need to fill copy.

  5. heresolong says:

    As posted over on Market Watch, what background checks really do is send criminals out to steal guns. If they aren’t concerned about committing a murder, how worried do you think they might be about robbing someone to get a gun. How about keeping the dangerous ones locked up and getting rid of background checks completely, since the dangerous ones aren’t around. Imagine the money we’d save not doing useless bureaucratic paperwork.

  6. Its the unseen consequence. How do you measure the value of crimes that were not committed?

  7. Conducting criminal background check have become really important these days. With so much crime inhabiting in the society, it makes sense to be cautious and protect yourself and your family by spending some time and effort in conducting a thorough criminal background check for any new entrants to your social life.

  8. Thanks for visiting Mr Kumar. Do you understand the difference between doing a background check for personal use and the government doing one on you for their use? But even that misses the point. A perfect criminal background check would only tell is you have a criminal history. If that history can be used to predict your future behavior as “bad” then not only should you not have access to guns, but you should also be locked up longer for your previous offenses, and not waiting for you to commit another offense. So the background check is pointless as a vehicle for depriving citizens of their civil rights. The right to self defense is so basic a civil right that not even former criminals should be deprived of it.

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