Gun control laws.

There are only two purposes to registering firearms.

1:  To tax the owners of those arms and thereby punish them for having the arrogance to actually practice a purely theoretical right.  How dare they!

2:  To compile a list of firearms and their owners.  Such lists have zero benefit to law enforcement.  Their only possible use is as an inventory list to at some point confiscate those weapons.

There is only one purpose to confiscating weapons:  the government is about to do something so bad that they fear armed rebellion.  Note that this government did not fear that when they tripled the national debt, or when they shoved socialized medicine down our throats, or when they declared amnesty unilaterally for illegal imigrants, or when they routinely ignore our laws on too many issues to list them all here.  So that begs the question, just what does our government intend to do to us next?

Once you follow the bread crumbs, the logic follows.  No reasonable person should cooperate with any gun registration law. 

Even if you never intend to use your own gun in armed rebellion or to harm any living creature.  You owe it to your fellow Americans to keep the posibility of rebellion alive.

Our government was constructed on a system of checks and balances.  Three coequal branches of government.  Divided powers between state and federal government.  Courts at all levels to overturn injustice. A constitution to prevent majority rule from trampling the rights of the minority and the ballot box to expell ne’er do wells from public office. 

But the final check and balance, to be used only when the others fail, is armed rebellion.  A government that does not live in fear of its own people soon loses respect for them as the ultimate check on unlimited corrupt power.

What is our government planning next?  How many of us do they intend to kill?

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12 Responses to Gun control laws.

  1. Drama says:

    Their finally improving the economy, too bad I can’t find a gun anywhere as a result.

  2. Ras Al Ghul says:

    “just what does our government intend to do to us next?”

    That is the logical question to be asked. Another alternative question could, “what do they know is about to happen that could cause rebellion?”

  3. Jean says:

    As partial answer to Ras al Ghul, I proffer the bad wheat harvest in the US, Russia, and IIRC, Georgia. Coupled with tax hikes, high unemployment, and the already high food costs going higher, I think our government plans to use economics as a weapon.
    What could possibly interfere with such a plan? ;-)

  4. MarkyMark says:

    I’m in the process of trying to obtain a gun outside of official channels. It’s none of the government’s BUSINESS whether or not I have a gun, damn it! I sure as hell don’t want them to tell the local paper I own one, so they can print my name and address in the paper.

    But yeah, the Second Amendment is there as the last line of defense against tyranny. I believe it was Jefferson who said that, when the gov’t is scared of the people, we have liberty; when we, the people, are scared of gov’t (and we are), we have tyranny. How true it is…

  5. Marky,
    The first rule of getting a gun in the “free market” is you don’t talk about getting a gun in the “free Market”.. I hope your potential “free market” vendors don’t see this post.

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  7. MarkyMark says:

    Prof Hale,

    I don’t talk about this in real life. Secondly, I use a pseudonym online, so anyone who knows me in real life does NOT know I’m a blogger…


  8. Marky,
    If you are on line, you aren’t that hard to find in real life. Anyone with the resources and the desire could easily find you. Some parts of the federal law enforcement community has those resources in abundance and a lack of anything serious to do. They could hunt you down out of boredom and then offer to sell youteh gun you are looking for. Case closed. Haven’t you been paying attention? ALL of the terrorists caught in the USA since 911 (caught before their crime was consumated) were caught in federal agen sting operations where the federal agent was largely responsible for assisting the perp commit the “crime”.

  9. heresolong says:

    OTOH, unless you buy a gun that is illegal to own during said sting operation, there is nothing they can arrest you for.

  10. You forget that much of law enforcement is stupid and arrogant. The old “interfering with a police officer” trick has put a lot of innocent men in jail

  11. bitbandit says:

    A government that does not live in fear of its own people soon loses respect for them as the ultimate check on unlimited corrupt power.

    A terrible truth, this, hiding an equally terrible alternative.

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