Horoscope, 24 January 2013

You may be eager to have more fun than usual, but don’t promote behavior that is unacceptable to the boss.

Dear, that train has left that station a long time ago.

The boss does not think that unregulated ownership of firearms is a very good idea.  Certainly (we can all agree) that no one really needs an assault rifle.  Lincoln was one of America’s best presidents and we can all learn from his leadership.   We NEED to spend more as a nation because we don’t want to be like Greece.   The acts of Congress are superior to the Constitution.  And, my personal favorite, “you shouldn’t have those gun posters up in your office because people could get the wrong idea”. 

My boss is an active duty full Colonel in the US Army.   And it is my job to advise the Army brass about guns.  That’s why they pay me.  


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10 Responses to Horoscope, 24 January 2013

  1. Marcus Redman says:

    I didn’t understand your “Horoscope” Jan.24th posting. Are you quoting some person or document? If so, why no quotation marks. Humour, satire, factual reporting, what is this?

  2. Jim says:

    Your boss isn’t abiding by his oath. I find many in the upper echelon in the military don’t like the 2nd.

    And to your boss, he can go fuck himself. From his boss, the taxpayer.

  3. Og says:

    “And it is my job to advise the Army brass about guns.” And you were asking ME about ARs?

    I’m afraid. Hold me.

  4. I ask lots of people about lots of things. Not all of them are militarily useful. But I especially think it is part of my job and get opinions from outside the institution echo chamber. I already know the party line about the M16-M4. I also have to do rockets and artillery.

  5. Marcus, Thanks for visiting. Please google “block quotes”. i didn’t cite the source because I thought it was totally unimportant. They are just random computer generated bursts of fluff. It hardly matters if they are from one newspaper or a personal interview.

  6. The US Army is an interesting institution. I think from the beginning it has always been liberal and while not exactly pacifist, interested in avoiding conflict. West Point was started to train surveyors and civil engineers and I think through the 1800’s into the early 1900’s they preferred that part of the job. The Army enlisted ranks have always been a place for poor people to find food and shelter, and the Army officer ranks have always been a place for the motivated lower middle-class to find upward mobility and a little prestige. Little barrier to being a liberal in any of this. This is also true of the other services, but not nearly to the same extent.

  7. Og says:

    if any testing is ever required, let me know. I’m your guy.

  8. Thanks for the offer but you dont charge enough. The Army plans to spend $23 million testing rifles this year. And we are only going to look at three.

  9. Og says:

    You only think. I need $18 million per rifle It involves hiring four people and purchasing my own range. See if you can get the appropriation in.

  10. heresolong says:

    Of course everyone “needs” an assault rifle. If we can agree that the original intent of the Second Amendment was to fight tyranny you certainly can’t do that with a .22 caliber Henry Golden Boy or a Red Ryder BB gun.

    Unless, of course, by “no one” you mean people who don’t intend to fight a tyrannical government.

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