Diet: Day 3.

Weight:  188 pounds.

Breakfast:  2 x McDs breakfast burritos (300 calories ea).

Note that at this point I haven’t started the real dieting part yet.  I’m still drinking the detox formula.

The only changes I have made to what I’m eating are cutting out beer :-( and sweet drinks.

Lunch: big mac (550 calories), 16 oz lemonade (10 cal).

Dinner:  7oz sirloin steak.  Broccoli and cheese.

I also went to the gym tonight.  I got fatigued after only 10 minutes on the bike.   I normally do 30. Evidently my essential pathways are more blocked than expected.

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8 Responses to Diet: Day 3.

  1. Giraffe says:

    You keep this up you will shame me into losing some weight.

  2. Don’t go doing anything foolish yet. Two pounds is still within normal weight range for me. It’ll probably go up a pound tomorrow. But if it hits 185, it is a trend.

  3. JN says:

    I lost 20 lbs a few years back just by cutting out sweet drinks.

  4. heresolong says:

    So, let me get this straight. Based on what I have read so far, you live on crap food (MacDonald’s twice a day?) but think you need a detox diet to lose weight, and the one result that I can see from your diet that is outside of normal fluctuation is to eliminate your ability to ride a bike for thirty minutes and you still think this program is a good idea? Wow, you are devoted to science.

    How about ditching the science experiment and start eating real food? Save the MacDonalds for the once a week treat.

  5. McDonald’s is not crap foor. It is a well balanced diet made from top quality ingredients. Meat, Dairy, Vegetables, Grains. It’s all there. I have been subsisting on it for many years and am healthy in most respoects. my largest health issue is worn out knees. I can hardly blame that on McDonalds.

    But as it happens, the DETOX is only phase one of the diet. I haven’t started the real dieting part yet. And during that phase (20+ days) I will indeed have to give up McDs since I will be restricted to 500 calories per day.

    Yes, I am devoted to science.

  6. Next you will be telling me I need to give of Heroine and hookers.

  7. Callowman says:

    No way. Heroine is my favorite hooker.

    As long as you’re a devotee of fast food, you might check out the documentary Fat Head. It was made as a refutation of Supersize Me, and shows how you can improve your health while eating nothing but fast food. It contains lots of interesting, well presented diet info.

  8. Thanks for the recommendation but I dont need to see a documentary to tell me what is clearly evident to anyone with more than a 90 IQ.

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