What America wants:  Congress to pass a budget that won’t bankrupt America. 

What Congress has been working on instead:  Comprehensive immigration reform.


Last I checked American citizens (the only people who count in this discussion) have some pretty simple expectations of the immigration system:

1.  A wall/fence along our Southern border to keep out the bad people.  ALL OF THE PEOPLE WHO LIVE SOUTH OF THE BORDER ARE THE BAD PEOPLE.

2.  No need for a border, let alone a border fence, in the North since Canada is pretty much just like us.

3.  Deport all the illegal aliens that are here now.  All of them.  Even the Children

Then if you want to get fancy, here are a couple of other things you could do:

4.  Restrict immigration from third world countries.  We have enough.  Really.  There is no humanitarian argument you could make that would change my mind on this.  There are 189 other countries they can go to. 

5.  Eliminate Asylum rules.  The only people we should make exceptions for are people who have more than $1,000,000 (in 1970 dollars) in personal assets.  Everyone else can just stay where they are or go somewhere else.  The cold war is over.  We no longer need to accept former communists here. 

6.  Eliminate birth right citizenship.  The children of citizens of other countries should not become US citizens just because mommy was visiting here when she popped.  We need a constitutional amendment for this just to make sure it sticks.

7.  All you have to do is make America inhospitable to foreigners and they will leave of their own accord (or leave in an Accord they stole). 

8. Place a tattoo on the forehead of every person who is caught illegally in this country unless that person is caught while trying to make it right by leaving.  It doesn’t matter what it is, just something really big and visible.  That will make it easy for law enforcement to collect them up a second time and give them instant probable cause to deport them again.    Death penalty for a third offense.

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6 Responses to WTF?

  1. DrW says:

    No matter what Congress passes for immigration reform,Obama will not enforce it if he doesn’t like it. He and Holder are above the law. Welcome to the imperial presidency.


  2. I agree. But why wouldn’t he enforce it? It is exactly more of what he wants and nothing he doesn’t want. We can tell because it is another bi-partisan secret deal. White and black americans who descended from other white and black Americans will be shoved aside to make room for immigrant colonists from third world countries (mostly Mexico). And the mostly white Americans will pay for it even though it is decidedly against their best interests by any measure. What’s not for Obama to like? It’s like saying he won’t enforce Obamacare.

  3. DrW says:

    Congress will fool the prols by waving the smoke and mirrors of “border security.” This is the “compromise.” It will not be enforced.

    It’s their country now.


  4. DrW says:

    Oh… And all these freshly minted new citizens will immediately be eligible for affirmative action. To make up for past wrongs, of course.


  5. Steffen says:

    In England, the government became fed up with the populace not supporting their agenda. The solution? Import a new, less picky population to outnumber the ungrateful current residents.

    In America? Look out, here it comes.

  6. Thanks for visiting Steffen. But that train has left the station. How else can we explain Obama getting elected twice? Obviously, we have a lot of home-grown stupid voters (voting for a guy who has zero qualifications for high public office whose background is sketchy and who hold traditional American virtues in distain), but the imported stupid people tipped the scale in his favor. We can hardly expect people from the third world to know about much less care about the American traditions of liberty and civil rights, written about by all those dead white guys from England.

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