Where’s the other side?

Former Congresswoman Giffords testified to congress today urging them to strip Americans of more liberties.  It seems we have too many.

If you read her testimony it becomes clear that it was a tearfilled plea to emotion lacking any sort of facts or evidence.  The call to “do something” could (and has been)  used to justify anything.   There is no point in mentioning her further.  James Brady is getting too old and incoherent to continue on the public stage, so enter the new James Brady.

But where is the other side?  Aren’t journalists told they have a duty to tell both sides?  Isn’t congressional testimony supposed to hear all the evidence?

Where are all the people who used a gun to save life?  There must be at least one. 
Where are all the victims of violent crime who wished they had a gun to preserve themselves and their loved ones? 

Where are the adults that are alive today because they were not killed as children?

Where are the women who were violently beaten, raped and left for dead but who carry a gun now instead of an unshakable faith in the police?  Where are their voices crying out to congress “NEVER AGAIN”?

We don’t need any more kibuke theater from our elites in government. Just go ahead and pass your stupid law and let the shooting commence.

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3 Responses to Where’s the other side?

  1. John says:

    Those people are everywhere. Most of them don’t even know it since you can’t tell the tale of that thing that never happened because of the threat of firearms.

  2. Violence is a big problem said former Congresscritter Giffords.

    For once, I’d love to hear Democrats discuss the causes of the sorts of violence that visited itself upon Ms. Giffords that day last year, or that have turned portions of LA and Chicago into no-go zones.

    Fat chance. Instead, we get calls to ban this or that, while evil finds a different means to kill.

  3. How to avoid gun violence:

    1. Dont be black.
    2. Dont be in a black or hispanic gang.
    3. Dont live near black or hispanic neighborhoods.
    4. Carry a gun.

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