Gun Show live blogging

I’m at the Gun show today aot the Richmond Raceway.  Once again, I will be trying to unload my FAL onto some late-to-the-party guy who has an insufficient number of battle rifles in his closet.  Hopefully some money will change hands.

Update 1: Very crowded. If you need one of those motorized chairs to get around…. stay home.

Update 2: Plenty of ar-15s available. Prices are still double the normal.

Update 3: no small pistol primers. If they had any they were gone by 11. No interest in the FAL. :-(

Update 4: I may have a buyer. He’s going to get money. Problem is he has to get it from his wife. So I may never see him again.

Update 5: Something new. The classic M1Carbine made in 22lr. A few dealers have them for under $400.

Overheard: the ammo gut that specializes in ak ammo says the price is going up a lot. He says the supply has completely dried up. He said he expects to be unemployed at the end of this show.

Update 6: the stg44 clone in 22lr is now $700. But it comes in a handsome wodden crate. Made by american tactical.

Ok. That’s it for today. FAL goes back into the box. and no loot to bring home.

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7 Responses to Gun Show live blogging

  1. Are PMAGs still scarce? Haven’t seen any on store shelves lately, and they’re still sold out on Cheaper Than Dirt.

  2. I dont see any pmags. Gi mags are going for $40 if new.

  3. cybro says:

    Thank you for selling your extra weapons to people who need it. Better that than hoarding them and waiting for the Feds to show up on a predawn raid and steal them from you like they just did to that guy in New Mexico.

  4. If I need more weapons, I have a rich uncle who was plenty.

  5. Tarl says:

    What does a used FAL go for in these exciting new times?

  6. Mine could go for $1300. The others at the show were bringung 2,000. But mine didnt sell, so I’m not sure if the price is right.

  7. But that isn’t really important. How can you put a price on Freedom?

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