Slavery Not so Bad

Conversations on my office lately have been looking seriously at how the Army can save money.  Getting smaller is not an option.  buying less stuff is not an option.  What is an option?


A full Colonel in my office, a man who has sworn to support and defend the Constitution of the USA, thinks we should reinstitute the draft as a way to save money.   The thought never occurs to him that a draft is the same thing as enslaving young men for a period of service against their will and is completely against multiple parts of the Constitution and that Congress has no power to do that (just because they have done it before).

Good thing we have those oaths of office. 

It has been my observation that only a tiny fraction of the serving officers in the US Army have a clue about the concept that the Constitution exists to limit the powers of government.

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12 Responses to Slavery Not so Bad

  1. Jim says:

    Why of course. The military is not fighting for the freedom of the citizens. It’s fighting for the policies of the government which is its authority. Terrorist are not a threat to my freedom; they can’t come here and subjugate us. Home grown communist in high offices here in the USA are.

  2. To be perfectly fair, Islamic terrorist groups are a threat too, but most of them can be dealt with easily by just discriminating against all Foreign born people from Islamic countries. Something which the Constitution permits.

  3. Jim says:

    Don’t forget that they can be a threat with such things as an open border. But they can’t come here and defeat the nation with tanks, bombs, and planes and take over vast areas of land.

    The military is politicized and is more concerned with projecting government power under the guise of fighting for freedom. Hence why they’re being geared to kill with drones overseas all the while slowly introducing them here. And why the President has the power to assassinate anyone for any reason at home or abroad per the last NDAA bill.

  4. Jim,
    You ae losing touch with reality. THe military is an institution, not a person. Yes it is politicised based on the political whims of our political class. Hint: That’s a feature, not a bug. But the professional leaders in teh military have ZERO personal interest in projecting government power. They do care about the military as an institution and they do care about their personal career aspirations and they do care about their subordinate workers to some degree. As individuals they try to balance those three primary things. The top general in the Army and the Civil Service Execs couldn’t give two shits for wheather defense contractors make another dollar this year, but they do care passionately that the US Army has the best equipment money can buy to protect those soldiers that they care about.

    Any why make such a big deal about Drone Warfare? It’s not like the Constitution matters.

  5. Giraffe says:

    So he is proposing to draft people without pay? I thought you got paid whether you were drafted or not. Is he just trying to eliminate recruiters?

    I guess I’d be more OK with that if we dispense with paying officers too.

  6. I got the impression that he didnt give the plan a lot of thought.

  7. Giraffe says:

    Well he’s only a Colonel. Hopefully he improves his cognitive abilities before he makes Admiral.

  8. heresolong says:

    If you draft them, you don’t have to pay as much since you aren’t trying to attract people into joining. You are also getting lower quality enlistees. Many of the problems with the military during Vietnam can be traced back to the draft and the low morale and abilities of those serving.

  9. Tarl says:

    If the slaves get retirement benefits and health care, then I’m not sure you save all that much by using them.

  10. And then there is the problem of the draft being loaded with corrupt practices and some people being protected from its harms. “But this time it will be fair” he says.

  11. They are slaves. All they get are enough health care to keep them working and a little beer money so they dont know they are slaves. No retirement plan.

  12. MarkyMark says:

    It has been my observation that only a tiny fraction of the serving officers in the US Army have a clue about the concept that the Constitution exists to limit the powers of government.

    Which is why people hoping that the military will put a stop to the Obama Administration’s extra Constitutional activities (e.g. taking away our guns) are wrong. Folks were hoping that the Supreme Court would overturn Obamacare; it didn’t! People hoping that the military will stop Obama’s gun grab are wrong also. Why? Because its officers, like the Colonel about whom you wrote, comprise the officer corps of the military…

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