Ammo prediction.

Remember all those stories about the federal government buying millions of rounds of hollow point pistol ammo?

I suspect that those agencies will be dumping a lot of that in about 5-7 years.  Local police departments will get first cut at it.  But that means the local police won’t need as much from their regular sources.  In any event, the price of pistol ammo will fall to rock bottom.

Of course, the government then could always just dump it into the ocean to keep that from happening or pay to store it indefinitely.  But even it they simply hand onto it for their own training use, it will result in noticably lower prices since the feds will be overstocked and not buying any more.

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9 Responses to Ammo prediction.

  1. Giraffe says:

    Given the stories I’ve seen of some military bases de-milling their brass [again!] so that it doesn’t fall into civilian hands, I suspect they’ll store it or dump it. Or sell it to Islamists.

    Seriously, WTF does the army care if I buy some of their poodle shooter brass to shoot prairie dogs with?

  2. I didn’t know they were doing that again after the shit they caught last time. Especially since the brass is more valuable than scrap. They are wasting tax dollars just to be political lapdogs of the anti-gun crowd.

    It annoys me to no end how anti-gun the US Army is.

  3. Giraffe says:

    I wonder if they won’t buy all this ammo up and then force the ammo factories to shut down. They’ll have a 50 year supply. Backdoor gun control.

  4. Thats one way. But since we all know who has a fifty year supply… what would that accompish? Sort of like jfk sending out staffers to buy up cuban cigars before enacting the embargo?

  5. Tina says:

    Let’s face it- they want to use that stuff on us, and probably will. Will there be much left?

  6. Of course. Our society is being destroyed from within. Without a shot fired.

  7. Jean says:

    Perhaps the fedgov can keep spending our tax dollars this way until economics forces gun owners to sell, to be unable to afford ammo (no practice), or to turn them in for a tax credit. Disarm the people with economic force….
    Can fedgov keep the cost of ammo prohibitive until the guns are outlawed by smartgun legislation? Force the trade… and make the bullets ineffective or un-fireable? Smartgun law is being created… it was either or western rifle shooters, but they dissected the executive orders and noted the smartgun connection, where a chip in jewelry or the hand, plus a biometric check, would prevent the gun from operating. Further, it could be dusabled remotely by turning off the chip – for instance, on school grounds, an override would be broadcast. Which of course renders the gun useless for self-defense.

  8. Hello Jean You are talking about Jocelyn Eldar’s old “safer guns and safer bullets” wet dream. Such systems are futile because electrical components are easy to detach from mechanical components. Then you have an old fashioned gun again. Further, you still have 300 million of the other types of guns that will last for over 100 years and God knows how much ammunition squirreled away. On top of that, the rest of the world isn’t ever going to go for such non-sense. So there will always be guns and ammo available. PLUS: they aren’t that hard to make if you have a 8th grade metal shop. Finally, you can’t have a police state without police. The police always have plenty of guns and ammo. That ensures that there will always be a source for black market guns and ammo, from underpaid police, and factories in business to provide those guns and ammo.

  9. Jean says:

    My understanding is, the gun doesn’t work that way – it’s coupled somehow so the chip can’t be removed. For US, of course, I’m sure there’d be an override for cops and military so they could pick up ANY gun and make it work. Just in case…

    I agree that no sane American would go for the plan. I believe that’s why the laws are being written as they are, so that this can be done as an end-run around 2A.

    the metal shop idea is great, I’ve seen similar on youtube (how to machine “component X” – so far, colt 1911 and AR-15 receivers, I think they’re called, that’s what is defined as “the gun”. and CNC machines are around, you don’t need to have many in an area to make it wholly unsuitable to occupation.)

    WRT the police, I trust them as far as I can throw his planet. But they can be pressured the same as anyone else, dealing with family, money, etc. Doesn’t mean the weapons will be worth anything, though, if they won’t fire for you.

    Should the alw come to pass, it would be written in such a way that all “old” weapons would be illegal, because they aren’t “safe” enough. So, you’d be “ordered” to turn them in. (we’ll assume for the moment that you are recompensed with a new, chipped equivalent to simplify the argument.) So, those who tunr in their old “unsafe” guns are allowed to get, or supplied directly with, chipped equivalents. the back door being sprung is, of course, that a short time later, Executive Order is issued to disable all the guns. Maybe a “state of Emergency,” such as MA has now with the incoming winter storm, or New Orleans after Katrina. But ALL the new “Safe” guns are OFF… Leaving the criminals, who would never turn in the RELIABLE, “unsafe” guns armed, while everyone else who is not a cop is “disarmed.”

    De facto gun control.

    I see a parallel to what David Brin wrote about in “The Transparent society,” I think it was. Back cover is enough, he compared two possibilities. A woman walking down a street, sees the corner, hears noises and it’s dark – and there are cameras everywhere. Scenario 1: the police have access to the cameras. She walks on her way, is assaulted, and killed… The cops find those responsible, video is entered into evidence, etc. Meantime, the police are also free to rob, rape, murder, spy on citizens, etc. Scenario 2, she pulls out her smart phone and pulls up the local camera on that street, sees who is there, what they are doing – decides whether or not to go on. Police are recorded comitting crimes, too, and prosecuted.
    SAME hardware, which is being deployed – it’s just a question of who is the master. As long as it’s got ANY provision for government oversight, it WILL be abused. The trick is to get everyone to go along with it. Legislate the chips as a requirement; legislate an ID circuit in the gun, to “talk” to the bullet case; harsh penalties for “unsafe” weapons; And, BTW, the Consumer Safety law (forget the name – CSPA?) allows for tort findings against manufacturers – opening up tort lawsuits against gun manufacturers, because now the “old” guns are “inherently unsafe.”

    For some reason, the attack is always multi-pronged, and NEVER looks at the cost or benefit to a citizen. Or, maybe, looks at CREATING cost to the citizen. The above allows gun manufacturers to be put out of business if they DO NOT include the chip, AND make it impossible to remove; removes the “old” ammo at the same time, as without the built-in chip on the cartridge, the gun won’t fire; and ensures that the “old” guns have limited utility at best, while also making it multiple felonies to won and/or transport the “unsafe” weapons. (And the tort cases could be brought by the state itself, once they confiscate the illegal “unsafe” gun at a “sobriety check point.” And of cours,e the judge, being the honest state appararatchik (s)he is will thow out the case for lack of standing, since the gun was not used in commission of a crime, or in an “unsafe” action – but tort law allows it to be defined as, “inherently unsafe” by its very design. In terms of a car, if the car COULD hit anyone, it would be deemed unsafe. Same concept. Same lie.)

    I wish I had your optimism, I think the best option is to start shooting, and worry about collaterol damage later. I believe that’s the Gov’t approach anyway, except they IGNORE collaterol damage… :-P

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