Gun show liveblogging

I’m at the gun show in Chantilly virginia today.  It’s cold, windy and sunny outside.  Perfect day to be inside.  There is no parking available.  People are just driving around waiting for someone else to leave.  Every car that leaves has two behind it waiting.  I can only imagine how crowded it will be inside.  I’m parked at the nearby Wal-Mart. the lot is full here too. The people I see getting out of their cars are heading to the gun show not the Wal-Mart.

Thanks Obama!  Nothing like government to create surge demands for products that have been doing just fine on their own.   Too bad he can’t do that for other goods made in the USA. 

Update one. I figured I should use the Wal-Mart bathroom before going to the gun show.

Here is Wal-Mart’s ammo shelf. They are still good for 7mm, 270, and 30-06. Otherwise…. nothing. But the prices are low. A box of 9mm, federal fmj is only $13. … if they had any.

Update 2: Very crowded inside. It’s hard to get near a table. The interior traffic flow is pretty gridlocked. The only place I can find to stand and do this is in front of the nazi junk table. Why does this guy still show up? Again. If you need a wheelchair or scooter to get around…. stay home.

Update 3: Plenty of AR mags. Even magpull and pmags. Way too much inventory to justify the price. GI 30 rd mags are still going for $30 ea.

Update 4: I’m only finished with two isles. Something interesting: Korean mil surplus: 30-06 in metal ammo cans, Korean army markings. Ar-15s are still $2200-3000. Had one nibble on the FAL.

Update 5: Found some small pistol primers at $30 a box. I grabbed two.

Update 6: Reloading and ammo guys have the longest lines. I’m waiting in line now just to see if they have any 9mm bullets. Got another nibble on the FAL. he just didn’t have the money.

Update 7: No 9mm bullets.

Update 8: Hey, lady with the double-wide stroller… GTFO. You and your 3 your olds don’t care about guns. Go hang out at the mcds kids zone until your husband is done shopping and talking to the grown-ups.

Update 9: Hey, guy with the Irish wolf hound… you can stay. That dog is awesome.

Update 10: That’s it for another gun show. Not much else going on here. I’m going to sit in the cafe for a while and see if those nibbles come back for another bite. I really don’t want to cart this thing home again.

Overheard: a man his showing his wife his new pistol. After going through all the grwat features, she says, “it looks like two pair of shoes to me”.

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4 Responses to Gun show liveblogging

  1. Carnivore says:

    Interesting. Supply seems to be easing up ever so slightly just outside the Chicagoland area in retail establishments. Cabela’s, which is in the far NW suburb of Hoffman Estates had a good amount of 223 on the shelf – small boxes, of course, and 10 box limit. They got some BM AR-15s in, under $1500 – probably gone by now.

    GAT guns, about 26 miles NW of Chicago’s O’Hare airport also had a selection of ARs hanging on the wall. Also more ammo available, including 223/5.56. Of course, not bargain prices, but at least the stuff is starting to show up on the shelves.

  2. I’m not seeing any supply problems here.

  3. Mr. Jay says:

    No pictures of the wolfhound?

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