Back at the gun show.

I’m giving it one more try.  If I still can’t sell this fal today I guess I’ll just keep it.

Noticed that the panic buying seems to be easing. The high priced guns and ammo arent moving. Ammo dealers have lots legt over at the end of the show. The only real shortages are .22 lr. I saw only one brick of 500 and they wanted $99 for it.

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7 Responses to Back at the gun show.

  1. Success? Dulles Expo gun show, right?

  2. No success. Lot of guys took my number. I don’t know if it will amount to anything. Yes, that was at the dullas expo center.

  3. Dalrock says:

    That is interesting about the shortage of .22 ammo. I’ve seen it suggested that .22 ammo would make a good prepper barter currency. I wonder if that isn’t what we are seeing. Back during the height of the original Obama ammo panic a box of cheapo .45 ACP was going for $50 here ($1 a round!), but around the same time I was able to pick up bricks of .22 for around $15 I think. Now the panic seems to have reversed.

  4. Roger Ferris says:

    I didn’t see a brick of .22 for $99 – who would pay that unless they were extremly worried they would never be able to get that again? I did see bricks of .22 ammo for $60. Just for kicks when I did the math. some people were trying to sell .22 ammo at 15 cents a round – never would have imagined that – or $60 for a brick of .22 ammo. At the Walmart near the Expo Center (walking distance), there was no .22, .38, or .45 ammo available – out of stock. The Panic buying is full swing. I decided that since I couldn’t find any reasonably priced ammo, I would purchase a Biometric Safe – very quick access to a firearm if someone breaks into your home. Just think about it, if this nutjob kid in Conn had not been able to access his mother’s firearms, he might have at least been delayed in doing what he did. I wouldn’t be suprised if the Feds try to mandate that firearm owners have a way to lock up firearms so it would be more difficult for a criminal to steal them. For the firearms not being used, many of us “Gun Nuts” as they like to call us have them – like the shotgun you only hunt or go skeet shooting with – if you remove the firing pin or other parts that make the gun nonworkable, then anyone who steals that gun would have to get the parts missing to make the gun functional. Lock up those parts seperately in an out of the way place in your home. Just think if someone steals a gun that has been made nonfunctional, doesn’t know it, and then goes and tries to commit a crime with that gun. When they tried to pull the trigger, all they might hear is a click but no bang. Then it would be much easier to subdue a criminal with a gun (that doesn’t work). And for the ‘smart’ criminal, who figures out what is missing, and tries to order the parts missing. If a firearms manufacturer is alerted that a gun was stolen and certain parts are missing, it would not take long to put two and two together and track the stolen gun back to where the Criminal gets his/her mail. And finally, the Main Stream Media – so one sided it is insane. On this issue, anyone with 1/2 a brain will realize how much they distort facts, make up lies, even resplice taped interviews to make it sound like a person said something else when they really didn’t. Start talking with those you know and make sure they know the facts. What is an “assault weapon”? California made some firearms illegal simply because they had bayonette luggs. If you care about the truth in the Gun Control Debate and if you want the right to keep an bear arms, share the truth every chance you get, or all we will be doing is writing about what used to be – like going to the range and shooting at a paper target – with no ill intent what so ever. Pretty soon that will be illegal also. Signed, a concerned firearms owner with legal rights (at least at this time legal rights).

  5. doomfinger says:

    Thanks for the defilade info you provided a while ago, I appreciate it. In the first season of Doomsday Preppers there was a family that constructed a fort of sorts out of shipping containers, but apparently they only tested 22 on it. It made me wonder. I understand their reasoning, but it seems like you would want to be sure what would happen if different calibers were used.

  6. Yes. Especiallt since the only people who will be shooting at you with a 22 will be your neighbor’s 12-year old.

  7. Normally I don’t read article on blogs, however I would like to say that this write-up very compelled me to try and do so! Your writing taste has been amazed me. Thanks, quite nice post.

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