Cruise Ship Problems

By now you have all head of the Carnival Cruise Ship that lost power at sea and drifted untill it was rescued by deep sea tub boats and dragged slowly back to port.

1.  The Coast Guard and Department of Transportation are going to investigate and get to the bottom of it. 


This is not a US ship.  The incident happened in international waters.  And we already know that it was an accidental engine room fire.  The losses suffered by the cruise line are private property losses.  The Cruise line will make good the losses by their customers and have already done so in a more than reasonable manner (full refunds, fully provided hotels and transportation back to their port of embarkation, and vouchers for future trips).  There is no national interest in this that needs federal investigators.  No mystery.  And no US Government jurisdiction.  Thus, if the Obama Administration is looking for some money to save to get ready for the coming sequestration… I recommend all the investigators, their staffs and their bosses.  Obviously, we have too many if we have enough sitting around just waiting to board every cruise ship that has a fire.

2.  There are also talks of lawsuits with huge penalties.


The cruise operators obviously did not intend for the fire to break out and likely have really good procedures in place to prevent such things.  They also have a boatload of safety equipment and emergency supplies.  Thus, although the vacationers had a miserable time, THEY WERE NOT HARMED. 

3.  The fact is that Cruise ships operate from US ports a thousand times a year and do so with minimal fuss other than the occasional sea sickness or drunk passenger falling overboard.  It is a safe enjoyable way to have a nice time getting gouged for watered down drinks.


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