Off the shelf Ammo

Litterally.  The local Fredericksburg Gander Mouontain has no ammo on the shelves other than shotgun and assorted odd sizes of hunting rifle ammo.  The only 22LR ammo they had were snake shot cartridges.  They also have half as many rifles on display as usual and fewer pstols.  They are particularly short of the 22LR pistols (Walther P-22 and Sig mosquito). 

The spare mag isle was 80% bare shelves.

I have no idea where they moved the reloading supplies to.  I never did find powder, primers, or bullets (other than black powder).

I’m thinking that any store that makes a claim to being a premier outdoors sporting goods store needs to have SOMETHING to offer to customers besides a long drive to Richmond (Green Top and Bass Pro on the north side).

I’m wondering about getting one of those motorized Dillon presses.  I figure once the full weight of the new “flexible” Obama administration gets going, I’ll likely be declared a federal fugitive anyway.  May as well make some money at it.

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One Response to Off the shelf Ammo

  1. Giraffe says:

    This put some places out of business in ’08. I used to get catalogs from Lock Stock and Barrel in Nebraska. They couldn’t get reloading supplies for so long they had to close.

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