My Thoughts on Chris Dorner


Exactly.  So last week’s news. 

1.  Where did the LAPD get the legal authority to start a fire on private property?  Isn’t this known as “ARSON” for the rest of us?

2.  Dorner certainly was a nutjob.  But not because he shot and killed some people.  His acting in that manner was perfectly consistent with his previous behavior and life experience.  he was coddled in a PC environment.  Given a job and promotions on the basis of his race that he did not merit.  He worked in one of the most notorious of big city corrupt police departments and saw other police getting away with murder all the time (as well as other crimes).  Why would anyone expect a different result?

3.  The mayor of LA offered a  million dollar reward for his capture. 

The mayor of Los Angeles today offered $ 1 million to anyone providing information leading to the arrest of ex-cop Christopher Dorner, the LA Times reports. “We will not tolerate anyone undermining the security of the community,” said Antonio Villaraigosa at downtown LAPD headquarters. “We will not tolerate this reign of terror.” Police Chief Charlie Beck called it the “largest local reward ever offered.”

Why?  What is so special about the killing of those three people when LA city has hundreds of murders (mostly unsolved) every year?  What makes all those other victims less valuable to the city?  This wasn’t even a record.  Hundreds of people are killed by police every year.  In 2011, 72 police were killed in the line of duty (not counting traffic accidents).  So what is so damned special this time?

4.  Then there is the ubiquitous “investigation.

LAPD announced they were going to open an investigation into Dorner’s firing with help from FBI officials and U.S. Marshalls. Dorner alleged in his manifesto that he was fired from the police force after he reported a fellow officer for brutality, and that charge was ruled to be false.

Why?  Has LA already solved all of their other crimes?  They are going to waste manpower investigating something that the outcome is moot.

5.  He declared war.  BFD.  The police are some of the few people in LA county who can travel armed all the time.  If they are inadequate to the task of defending themselves, what chance do the rest of us have?  maybe if we didn’t spend so much effort training police to kill people, then Dorner wouldn’t have been so dangerous.

6.  No degree of gun control or background checks would have prevented Dorner from getting his hands on a gun.  The Government declared HE WAS GOOD ENOUGH TO HAVE ONE.  Why would you trust them to decide who should or should not be armed and under what conditions?

7.  If killing police is so easy, that a declaration of war must be acted on by the entire police force acting together, then all those criminal gangs infesting LA must not really be even trying.    Or maybe it is because they do not see the police as a threat.  Just toss them an envelope once in a while and everyone goes home happy.  It seems to me that any seriously BAAD criminal gang could easily bring the entire LAPD to it’s knees.  But that would require them to get up off their bellies.

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10 Responses to My Thoughts on Chris Dorner

  1. 1) The cops were in a pickle. How exactly do you go about protecting yourself from someone you know is out to get you? Especially one who knows your TTPs?
    1a) Hmmm. Now they know what it’s like to be a law-abiding civilian, about to be forcibly disarmed by Mr. Obama and the Democrat Ilk, when the criminals don’t care to disarm themselves and are probably licking their chops at the prospect of even more gun-free zones.

    2) The cops-shooting-innocents-who-drove-trucks-that-looked-like-Dorner’s incidents have laid bare the bankruptcy and hazard of “officer safety” uber alles. Clearly officer safety takes priority over citizen safety…or even citizen rights. We need these paramilitary guys protect-serving us…why again?

    3) This guy was a left-wing nut job. He idolized leftist mouthpieces, pols, TV networks, actors, the current president, and loved gun control and Sen Feinstein. He triggered because the LAPD wasn’t AA enough for him. Strange how we didn’t hear how about all this in the MSM.

    4) I’d rather take care of my own security, thank you very much.

  2. At the end of the day you will always have only the security you provide. The only security dorner cared about was his own job security. And the rest of the LAPD was no better.

  3. Dalrock says:

    I’m not clear on exactly what traspired at the standoff with Dorner. One account I read claimed that LAPD had flown in a SWAT team and had taken over at the time of the fire. Other accounts suggest that the San Bernadino County Sherrif’s deputies were in charge and one of them set fire to the cabin. But I’ve also read that “burner” is slang for teargas canisters, named for their unintended side effect of causing fires.

  4. If causing fires is a known side effect of using tear gas, then it cannot be call “unintended”. Use of it in places that are habitually dry and have annual problems with fires (LIKE LA) would normally proscribe its use, invest in gas grenades that have lower exterior temps, or have the Fire department standing by to extingush flames. All of those are reasonable things that any of us would go to jail for failing to do. We are all being kept in the dark about what really happened so we will never really know. And the media is intensly uncurious about it. I have yet to hear the usual suspects demand that cops be disarmed because they might go rogue and start killing people.

  5. Giraffe says:

    The lesson a criminal should take from this is that if you piss off the LAPD sufficiently, you will not be arrested, you will be killed. So you may as well go down shooting.

  6. The other lesson is that any time the police feel there is an emergency, you John Q Citizen, have no rights at all. They can tell you where to go and what to do. They can burn your house down. They can exclude media coverage or let them ride along to produce shows like “COPS”. They can have dashboard cameras to record your behaviors but if you do the same thing you will go to jail. Even in jurisdictions where that is permissible, it will still be called something stupid like “interfereing with a police officer in the performance of his duties”. And if you think they have done something wrong, just tell them and they will investigate themselves just as you develop a pattern of speeding and parking violations.

  7. I read that recently on Giraffe’s site. I think it is awesome. But it is pointless until the big names get involved. As long as your local police can buy ammo, and keep all the new guns they bought with Homeland Security grants, they don’t care.

    And if the big names do get involved, look for the state and federal governments to go nuclear on them with punitive fines, harassment suits, and a punitive level of inspections. i would not expect any major gun manufacturer to stand their ground. And since they know they won’t stand their ground, it makes them seem weak to take a stand in the first place. The smaller companies can use this to encourage business from all those guys who really hate government intrusion into this part of their lives.

  8. One thing I found interesting about the Dorner case was that he was determined to have TEN suppressors (silencers). Now don’t get me wrong: I’m all for suppressors. I would love to be able to go out and buy one at a hardware store and not go through the long, arduous Federal process required to obtain a suppressor.

    But in Dorner’s case, not only did he have ten of them, THEY ARE ILLEGAL IN CALIFORNIA. Even if he had the federal tickets to own ten of them–and that’s $2,000 in taxes, as a federal ticket would be required for each suppressor–he was not legally allowed to own one in California.

    Of course, Dorner was quite supportive of Obama’s gun control efforts. He’s like the thugs in New York who want to be exempt from laws that put the screws to everyone else.

  9. It’s not like they are even difficult to make.

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