Adventures in Tech Support

COMCAST:  It’s Craptastic!!

My Internet stopped working for a few days last week.  Oddly enough, the TV service on the same cable stayed on.  I don’t really care about that, I watch Dish.  The only reason I have COMCAST in my home is for internet broadband.  So, I do all the normal stuff.  I reset the router, and check that all the cables are still connected and not chewed through by rats.  All good.

So then i call tech support.

1.  First attempt:  Into the automated phone tree.  Para Espanoil marke Does.  Did you know that most problem can be fixed by resetting your router?  If you want us to send a reset signal to your router press 1.  (I press 1).  Signal sent.

No good.

2.  If you want to use out automated troubleshooting, press 3. (skip that)

3.  If you want to talk to a representative press 4.  *4*



4.  We’re sorry.  We cannot complete your call.  Please try again later.

Repeat steps 2,3, and 4 twice more.

On third attempt, I select automated problem solving.

5.  Please try resetting your router.  (Grumble).  Did that fix the problem?  Please wait while we send a reset signal to your router.  (grumble).  Did that fix the problem? (NO).  Please wait while we connect you to a service agent.  We’re sorry we cannot complete your call.  Please try again later.

6.  Repeat steps 1,2,3 without sending reset signal again. Hello, this is unintelligible name with thick accent.  How can I help you?  (I have no internet).   OK. I can help you with that.  Please try unplugging your router to reset it.  (grumble)  Did that resolve the problem? No?  That’s strange, that always works.  Please wait while I send your router a reset signal.  Did that resolve the problem? (no) Really?  I have tried everything already.  If you like I can set up an appointment to have a technician visit your house to fix this problem.  (grumble)

The tech support person was in the Philippines.  I know because I asked her.  Due to the differences in accent and line noise connecting me to the other side of the planet, I could only make out one out of every three words she said and I had to ask her to repeat everything multiples times to understand her.  When I asked her where she was, she became evasive, first saying only “offshore”.

Internet came back on magically without tech support assistance or anyone visiting my house the next day.  The problem was not fixable by resetting my router.  It was fixable by COMCAST managing their own routers and keeping them running.  If I had ANY other choice for internet I would never do business with COMCAST.  They only reason they are in business is because they can get government enforced limited geographical monopolies for their crappy services.

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5 Responses to Adventures in Tech Support

  1. Giraffe says:

    My cell phone is straight talk. They offer home phone services too. Eventually they will offer broadband internet over the phone, and then the little phone cooperatives will be screwed.

  2. Bob Wallace says:

    I also dropped Comcast. And I know a Filipino/Filipina accent when I hear one, so I already know where they are at when I talk to them.

  3. Mike43 says:

    Huh. I had a similar problem. But it involved both the TV and the Internet. First, I changed out the receiver and modem. When that didn’t work, called for a home tech. He said the problem is in the alley.

    Line guy comes out, says the home tech is a s***head and doesn’t know what he’s talking about, and he needs to come out to my house and solve the problem.

    Problem cleared up. Seemingly by itself.

    Well, at least I didn’t get billed for the 7 days of service.

  4. Heresolong says:

    I’ve had Comcast cable TV and internet for about fifteen years. Never had a problem with the customer service. Went through the reset router stuff every once in a while, but it eventually turned out that the problem was my wireless router going bad which I had bought myself and they still helped me troubleshoot it. I bought a new wireless router and haven’t had a speck of problem since.

    Sorry yours isn’t better but I love mine.

  5. patrick kelly says:

    With our ATT Uverse usually the router reset fixes it. Problems usually happen after day long sessions of download new or updated software. Usually only happens for devices connected wireless, something in the router is probably overloading or crapping out, dunno…..the magic movie streaming box for the TV usually feels hotter to the touch than usual when it has problems, powering it down and letting it cool off usually fixes it……..until it doesn’t………then I just buy another one…only happens every year or so, and they are relatively cheap……

    I’ve worked in many aspects of computer related industries, from IT, tech support, to software development. Sometimes the best you can come up with is “shit happens, turn it all off, go drink a beer, and try again tomorrow”.

    The more I learn about this stuff, the more I’m amazed any of it works…..

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