Go Ahead. Just Keep Poking Me

Japan did it, and learned to regret it.  For whatever reason that led up to it, Japan dragged America into WW2.  As their reward, we burned all their cities to the ground and used two of them for nuclear test sites.

The Moslems keep poking at us.  A bomb here. A highjacking there.  Just little pin pricks.  Then 9-11.  So we invaded and occupied the ancient Arab capital of Baghdad.  We deposed Saddam and the Taliban.  We killed hundreds of Islamist leaders and tens of thousands of their fighters. The Islamic world doesn’t understand that they may wish to kill us all, but we actually CAN kill all of them. And we can do it with stuff we have on the shelf, without putting ANY American troops at risk.  They are totally dependent on our good will to let them continue to exist.  We haven’t erased them from human memory because we don’t want to.  Yet.  We are content to sleep here on our mountain of gold.  Just leave us alone and go away.

Now add to the list of stupid people who just don’t have a clue about what they are dealing with.  Harvey Weinstein is planning a movie to “destroy the NRA”.

The NRA makes a convenient target since they are a small organization in a building in Northern Virginia.  But what Weinstein and his ilk really mean is that they want to attack private gun ownership.  Let the futility of that sink in.

They (the anti-private gun ownership fascists) totally depend on the gun owners to voluntarily cooperate in their own emasculation.  It cannot be accomplished any other way.  You cannot use force against people who can bring equal or superior force.

If “They”  bring this issue to open warfare, how long do you think they will last against people who are armed?  How many of them will survive all that pent up anger being released?

There are about a hundred million armed Americans in the USA.  If half of them are fully compliant in their own destruction and surrender their weapons when told, that still leaves 50 million armed angry people.  More than enough to swallow up any police or military force.

Many of those police and military forces also privately own guns and are not going to give them up.  Whose side do you really think they will be on?

Again, the disarmament Left, is entirely dependent on the good will of their enemies to be permitted to exist, let alone to thrive and prosper in our homeland.  We, the private gun owners are habitually law abiding and long suffering and THEY have taken that for granted for so long that they think they can just pass another law like Obamacare, Amnesty, or 1.6 gallon flush toilets and we will swallow it again and do what we are told.

At some point, reasonable people are going to connect the dots between the harm the left has done to them through legal “peaceful” means.  When that happens, there will be blood to set things right, and being unarmed won’t save THEM.

UPDATE:  For what it’s worth, I do believe that Weinstein’s offices have more armed security guards than the NRA HQ does.  I only saw one or two at the NRA last time I was there.  Private security guards have privately owned weapons in the sense that they are not owned and in the hands of the state or state agencies.

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10 Responses to Go Ahead. Just Keep Poking Me

  1. At some point, reasonable people are going to connect the dots between the harm the left has done to them through legal “peaceful” means. When that happens, there will be blood to set things right, and being unarmed won’t save THEM.

    A lot of people are going to connect it one dot past just leftism. Good regular Jewish people will suffer because the ones at the top of the food pyramid hate America. It’s not like people will be particularly discerning once mob mentality takes over.

  2. Who said anything about mob mentality? Everything I have written is about individuals, using intelligence and discernment, acting in their own best interest against people who have identified themselves as their enemies.

  3. All a “good Jew” has to do to be safe is to join the mob. Having a lifetime track record that shows he was against liberalism will be helpful too. That closet full of assault rifles makes a convincing argument.

  4. MarkyMark says:

    Since gun owners raised nary a whimper about the institution of background checks, I don’t expect them to revolt when the gov’t comes for their guns. Why? Simple-when you have to ask PERMISSION to do something (and that’s what the background check is; it’s some asshole gov’t bureaucrat on the other end of the phone deciding whether or not you can by a gun at the shop), you do not have a RIGHT to do that thing-duh!

    What is it that they say at DMV all the time? That driving is a privilege, not a right, correct? What must we do to drive? We get a state issued license, do we not? What is a license? The definition in Black’s Law Dictionary would read something like this: PERMISSION granted by a competent authority to engage in a particular activity or endeavor!

    Anyway, since gun owners haven’t fought the background checks (which undermines the Second Amendment, because you’re having to obtain GOVERNMENT PERMISSION to buy a gun), they won’t fight when the gov’t comes to take their guns. They can cry ‘molon labe’ all they want; it’s all a bunch of hot air. If they were really serious about protecting their Second Amendment rights, they would have fought the background checks tooth and nail. Since they didn’t, they’re not really going to fight the inevitable confiscation of guns WHEN, not if, the time comes.

  5. Of course you are mostly right. When California did their confiscation there were no riots or police shootings

  6. MarkyMark says:

    Prof Hale,

    What’s also telling is the LANGUAGE many modern gun owners use. You can hear it on the conservative talk shows like Mark Levin. He and others will brag about being ‘legal’ gun owners. What they are REALLY saying is that they were good little boys and girls who jumped through all the government’s numerous hoops to own a gun. Look at me! I was a good boy/girl! I did everything you told me to do, Massa!

    Look at concealed/carry permits. They are an infringement on the Second Amendment, pure and simple. The key phrase from the Second Amendment is this: “…the right to keep and bear arms shall NOT be infringed.” That means anything that gets in the way of owning or carrying your gun is verboten according to the Constitution. Ah, but how many people even know the Constitution anymore?

    What about mentally unstable people? What about criminals? The Founding Fathers addressed this issue when discussing the Constitution and the Bill of Rights thereof. The truth of the matter is this: the Founding Fathers believed that, if you cannot trust a man to carry a gun on his person in public, then he should NOT BE A FREE MAN TO BEGIN WITH! Their yardstick was if you’d allow a man to be free, then he’s free to keep and bear arms-end of discussion.

    In short, any American citizen who buys and owns a gun, even if outside of official channels, is a legal gun owner-thanks to the Second Amendment. Those are my thoughts…

  7. You likely read those thoughts here first.

  8. MarkyMark says:

    I know for sure I read ‘em over at the Gun Owners of America website. I may have read that here also, but I do know for sure I read this line of thought over at GoA’s website…

  9. oldnfo says:

    Well said sir, WELL SAID!

  10. You are welcome.

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