Obamacare Reminders

“Obamacare” is a law.  It is not a health plan.  It is not an insurance option.  You can’t “sign up for it” or “be covered” by it.  When you go to the national health care website or state exchanges, you are offering to buy a health insurance policy from a private insurance company.  That company (for instance Blue Cross) then covers you.  you didn’t “sign up for Obamacare”. You signed up for Blue Cross.

If in that process the web site tells you that you are eligible for a subsidy or for Medicaid, you STILL did not sign up for or get “Obamacare”.  You still either got Blue Cross and an assistance check from the government to help pay for it, OR you got Medicaid and are covered by that.

If you get sick or injured and need medical treatment, there is no Obamacare hospital, doctor, nurse, clinic, pharmacy, drug manufacturer or Xray machines that can treat you.  And good luck finding one if the Omabacare law puts all the existing ones out of business or makes going to them unaffordable.  That’s what laws do.  They choke off productivity and limit options.  Regulations kill businesses, not create them.  They add to the cost of doing business.  So, the way we used to do business + regulation = more expensive way of doing business.  ALWAYS.

Obamacare is never going to collapse under it’s own weight.  The powers that be will do anything they need to to keep it in place until it can be replaced by what they really want:  Full control.  There is no such thing as a government program that collapses under it’s own weight so long as that government survives.  Waiting for it to collapse is the cowardly way to avoid confrontation.  Republican lawmakers need to earn their pay and kill this law and remove that yoke from the necks of Americans.  Waiting for it to collapse is every bit as much a fraud as “needing to pass it to see what’s in it”.

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4 Responses to Obamacare Reminders

  1. Dan says:

    True….Obamacare is not likely to collapse under it’s own weight. What it will do however
    is hasten the inevitable demise of America that was well under way before it’s passing and
    implementation. It will merely speed along the transition from a free productive society to
    one more reminiscent of the USSR in the 60’s where only the privileged few enjoyed the
    perks of modern human accomplishment, the military receives just enough swag to keep them
    from mutinying and the vast majority get to stand in mile long bread lines to buy stale bread….if
    the shelves aren’t totally bare.

  2. MarkyMark says:

    Unfortunately, I wouldn’t look for the Republicans to do anything about Obamacare, because their corporatist buddies WANT the law; that way, they can dump their employees into these ‘exchanges’, and cut out their health benefit costs. I’m talking about the big donors to Republican Congressmen here. Money talks, and BS walks.

    Also, WRT to employer sponsored health insurance, THAT was a response to gov’t interference! Back in FDR’s time, he instituted wage and price controls to deal with the Great Depression. Like all gov’t interference, it didn’t work. Also, as is the case with this sort of thing, people found ways around it, including employers. Since they couldn’t offer employees higher salaries, they offered them fringe benefits; one of these was health insurance, since it wasn’t part of one’s pay and thus not subject to FDR’s wage and price controls. The rest, as they say, is history…

  3. Homer says:

    “Regulations kill businesses, not create them. They add to the cost of doing business.”

    Typical Regressive nonsense. I assume you are totally OK with, for example, drinking the water in WV, right? After all, not poisoning people “adds to the cost of business”. You are probably also OK with a fertilizer plant in the middle of a town (zoning regulations are super bad, and those plants only explode some of the time!) . Right? After all, not killing people adds costs, and the only goal – to the exclusion of all other considerations – is profit… right?

    There are countless instances of businesses doing literally the very least possible to ameliorate the damage they cause, and if there are no regulations, everyplace is WV or West, TX. You will notice that those places are running jokes to the rest of us… for a reason.

    The “expense” is often simply a public good. If you don’t get that… well, we can all be thankful that you are not in fact a legislator. I recommend you move to a town with unregulated fracking, and drink lots of the water.

  4. Thanks for your unique view that I have never heard before. I wasn’t saying that some of those regulations may not be worth the cost. That is a separate argument. But it is unarguable that regulation adds cost.

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